Yoga Stances to Keep You Warm in the Colder Time of Year Season

There are several yoga stances that will keep you warm and comfortable in the colder time of year season. Here are a few of the most compelling ones. This posture starts with a wide stance, with your feet shoulder-width apart and about four to five feet apart. Bend your right knee, turn your left foot in about 10 to 15 degrees, and then lift your right thigh toward your spine. The center of your knee cap should point toward your second and third toes.

Focus on engaging

You can also focus on engaging your core to perform a headstand. It will warm up your entire body and change your upright perspective. If you are new to headstand, you should practice against a wall or with a friend or yoga teacher. If you want to stay warm, try the chair pose, which strengthens your whole body from top to bottom. By engaging your entire body, you can make the chair pose even more effective.

Yoga stance:

Another yoga stance that will warm you up in the colder time of year is locust pose. This preliminary pose activates internal warmth and provides an excellent exercise. It strengthens your arms and legs and strengthens the back of your torso. It is also helpful for relieving cold symptoms. In addition to keeping you warm, locust pose is also a good exercise for your spine.