Why Businesses Must Scale with Video Production In 2023?

Videos are everywhere. From social posts to ads, from websites to emails, and even in your Insta and WhatsApp DMs (Perhaps your friends love sharing them). Lol

On average, users on social media, watch 2-3 hours of videos every day. That’s 120 minutes of watch time per user. For marketers, it’s a huge opportunity!

While the feed of users is being bombarded with ads, and funny, informative, and promotional content, it would be stupid on our part, to wait and wail over a content mix that is missing videos. 

Video content is growing and thankfully, anyone can find video production services in New York. That too for a very competitive price. 

But, why is it that every other business is producing videos?

Because It’s working for them. 

And, if you want to figure out how it’s going to work for you (grow your audience and boom your sales) then keep reading. 

Here are a handful of strong reasons why businesses must not shy away from video production in 2023.

Video production will power up your CTR

The presence of videos on your site, and social posts not just guarantee more dwell time, but also power up your Click-through-Rate (CTR). 

People use thumbnails with videos to pique the curiosity of the viewer. 

These work like epoxy eyes. 

You can catch your viewer off-guard, and force them to stop scrolling while at the same time, tempting them to click on the thumbnail.

You can try the same to boost your CTR. 

Videos can swoop in conversions faster

Now since everyone’s watching a lot of videos to grab information, you can count on video marketing to swoop in conversions for you. 

The reason why it’s effective and far more efficient than any other content is perhaps because videos allow you to build a personal connection with your viewer. 

Inspired by your content, your viewers will find it easier to put their trust in your brand. They’ll realize you understand their pain points better. 

That’s what video content can do for you. 

Integrate videos in your campaign and see the magic for yourself!

Video production is possible for a reasonable price

Interestingly, video production is not as expensive as commonly thought. In fact, it’s much cheaper than print advertising. Even brands in their infancy are inquiring about startup video production costs. Why shouldn’t they?

Getting your message across with the use of print can be impossible if you’re a small brand. Print advertising is expensive. 

A primary reason for the hefty price is perhaps that people today will trust news more in print than on social media. 

But, if you can work to build a transparent relationship with your audience, then the above might not put you at a disadvantage. You can market through social and boost your growth as many others have already. 

Video production can be the right door for you. Entering it will serve as an inexpensive way to disseminate your brand. Plus, making videos also allows you to build a personal connection with your audience in a cost-effective way. 

Videos running on social feeds mean more leads

The algorithm of social media shows users content relevant to their past activity. 

If you’re keeping a close eye on the content that has just gone viral in your niche, then you’ll have some ideas. 

Spying on your audience will reveal what you need to create. 

Now, if you’ve managed to create something really exciting, you’ll have people stop scrolling to watch your videos. 

While you strive to build a loyal audience, it’s only a matter of time before you get to see your campaign bear fruit in the form of leads (people excited to buy from you). 

So, if you’ve content running wild on social feeds, you’ll have more leads. 

That’s a surefire way to grab golden leads with video production. 

Videos are mobile-friendly

Social media has billions of users surfing online. And, on average, a user watches two hours of video content every day. That’s one stat that is seriously important for businesses in 2023. 

Besides videos are mobile-friendly. Each one of us has a smartphone that stays with us 24/7. There’s no better way to hammer your messages than tap video marketing today. 

If you manage to get thousands of views on a video, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a handful of really interested people, eager to buy your product. 

While it may sound sweet, know that it’s easier said than done. You need to eye for quality content and understand your ideal customer better than your competitors. 

Nevertheless, since videos are mobile-friendly, there’s a good reason to produce more video content, if you wish to scale your business. 

Videos are perfect to increase brand awareness

Like it or not, none of your prospects are interested in reading long pieces of text. We know it’s a tall claim. 

But, there’s a lot of research that backs the argument. We rarely remember anything we read. At least, most people don’t and there’s a handsome chance that a great bunch of people are not bookworms. 

Plus, research shows that we’re able to retain more of the visuals we see than the text our eyes scan while reading. That’s the research part. 

Now, the reality is, people are naturally drawn to appealing visuals. 

They love watching videos because these make it easier to absorb knowledge and more importantly, are engaging. So, if you’re still wondering if the video should be a part of your marketing mix, then don’t think further. 

Now is the perfect time to enter video marketing. 

Video production is not a game-changer in 2023. But, it’s essential to enter the competition. 

It’s important to consider the above when you sit to devise your marketing strategy. 

Good luck!

Bottom line

Let’s wrap it up. We are just going to highlight some key points of the blog. 

If you want to scale your business, you can’t afford to overlook video content. Videos can power up your CTR, bring in more leads, and sales, and allow you a more convenient and personal medium of communication. 

And, most importantly, since everyone’s watching videos on the internet, why aren’t you creating any?