Which nose surgery is better?

Q : Ready-made rhinoplasty or the type that you have sharpened your own silicone? Which type of surgery is more beautiful?

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A : Some writers arrive without babbling to make music. I don’t know how the patient wants it. I listened to it all through my ears. When I arrived, I took the finished silicone and stuffed it in. When it was done, oh my gosh, why did you put it in the meat? Isn’t it as pretty as when you haven’t worn it yet?

    Rhinoplasty is not just about opening the incisions in the nostrils. cut the flesh above the nose and then put the silicone in it There’s a lot more than that.

   Now there is a specialist doctor. (but other aspects that are not plastic surgery) to do more plastic surgery because it has silicone ready-made, widely used The writer would like to tell you that Rhinoplasty is more than a work of art. Because it will enhance the nose to be beautiful depending on each patient’s face Sharpening the silicone to the face is more difficult than sharpening. Use a lot of silicone blocks that come out of the factory. Even now, there are companies that import Korean silicone to market as well. The more the boom, he will advertise that leading clinics and hospitals use this brand of his silicone. Which clinic is not used, not Korean…haha They also say that the company has more than 40 types of silicones to choose from (the writer will tell you that even if there are 100 types, Korean silicone is designed not to focus on the tip of the nose and not focus on the tip of the dropper, the tip of the silicone). The cones are flat. Because 90% of Korean writers use silicone implants just before the tip of the nose. As for the tip of the nose, the cartilage is used, which I hope the company can’t argue. It’s because of your Korean…. haha)

   Big nose vs natural nose

Q : Prominent nose or natural

A : Some people may say that it depends on their preferences. but for writers the writer thinks It depends on the profession and age too. If it’s a teenager Not at all Friends don’t say that surgery will cause a mental breakdown. You have to ask first. It loses confidence) Some patients have asked to come back to fix it. Please leave first. Writers don’t like being tall, the type who walks 100 meters and sees their noses first. I don’t often. because I saw it from afar And he gossip “Enie got a rhinoplasty” before walking to us again….haha (so before deciding to do rhinoplasty with the writer Let’s agree that the style of the writer’s nose surgery and it’s beautiful, natural, prominent like parents, give it to me) if you want to be very prominent You have to talk to understand first. If you work in a job that requires a camera to shoot a movie, this one must have surgery to be prominent first. Because when the camera is on, the TV is flat, the more it makes the nose look flat on the TV screen, so let’s talk first… After adding, there will be no need to misunderstand each other.

Thin-skinned noses VS thick-skinned noses, more meat VS less meat

Q : How much can I add to this nose?

A : How to check if the patient has a lot of nasal tissue or little meat is as follows: take your index finger and thumb to hold the bridge of the nose and try to pull it out. If pulled, then there is nostril meat. Can be stretched more than 1 cm, indicating that the meat is thick. like this, augment the nose. Then it will look smooth, prominent, and beautiful because most surgeons don’t sharpen silicone that is more than 1 centimeter thick. often sharpened less than that

   But if it’s less than 0.5 centimeters, it’s considered less meat. Because even if we sharpen the silicone with the same thickness But when inserted into the tissue of a patient whose nose has different thickness and thickness, the results are different. for thin skin patients Patients with thick skin in addition to Checked by the way the writer said above. Maybe based on general knowledge is the T-Zone area of ​​the nose. If it’s too much (oily skin), these patients tend to have thick skin. If the skin is dry, it means that the skin is thin.

   Nose with hump (Hump) VS smooth nose

Q : If the nose has a hump (Hump), do you have to wear them first?

A : Most of the patients with hump. It’s not a person who doesn’t have a prominent nose, but it’s prominent after the hump to the tip of the nose. But for the nose bridge, it’s not prominent. Some people have a broken nose. In this case, most writers recommend sharpening the back of the turtle, and some recommend hammering the bone. break the bone Then add over it. Personally, the writer himself agrees. But I would like to suggest that Most patients with this type of nose tend to have thin skin around the nose. The nose looks like this. guava nose or guest nose Most patients by Personally, I don’t want to have surgery to make my nose more prominent. but would like to fill in more specific parts. The writer therefore wants to offer an alternative. That the hump nose like this should be more beautiful with filler injections. Normally, writers do not recommend injecting fillers, but in this case, this is an exception.

   (however Injecting fillers at the bridge of the nose is relatively safer than injecting it into the tip of the nose. because there used to be cases where some patients went to inject The filler at the tip of the nose, causing blindness and blurred vision. because of the filler It penetrates the veins that have branches to feed the retina. However, fillers are still a substance that has recently been used in medicine. We have not seen the results of The use of fillers in the upcoming ten or twenty years. So the filler injection must be under the advice of a real medical professional only)

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