Which Are The 5 Best Caravan Tyres? 

Are you considering changing your caravan tyre? If you are losing control over your caravan’s steering or it is witnessing aquaplaning repeatedly in wet conditions, it’s the right time to change your caravan tyres to avoid any unexpected breakdown. Riding a car or caravan with a depleted tread could be a cause of concern in terms of safety and performance. Hence it is best to find a reputed brand to replace your tyres without any further delay.

Maxxis tyres offer the right blend of safety, performance, and durability for all sizes of caravans. This blog will explore the 5 best caravan tyres by Maxxis that will make your journey safe and trouble-free. 

5 Best Caravan Tyres 

Let’s have a look at the best caravan tyres.


Maxxis UR279 is the best for Caravan owners who are planning to change their tyres. On-road stability coupled with a five-rib pattern design is the unique feature that makes UR279 stand out among competitors in terms of stability and handling. The grooves and sipes designed with advanced technology prevent uneven wear and boost mileage. The four straight grooves help in water evacuation and braking traction, ensuring controlled handling and stability. The special compound used to build the tyre reduced heat generation and promoted durability. 


Powered with double steel-belted construction Maxxis MA589 is one of the best caravan tyres for long life and limited wear pattern. The jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap and all-season rib-tire tread design well complemented with the deep shoulder grooves make the tyre more stable and powerful for all road conditions. Premium rubber compound and extra plies MA589 is something that protects the tyre from cuts, punctures, and abrasions. 


Maxxis UE101, built with a rib-tyre tread design and deep shoulder grooves is best for heavy-duty caravans suitable in all topographical conditions. Equipped with all the advanced features such as zig-zag tread grooves, double steel-belted construction and jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap bring in exceptional stability and handling control in wet weather conditions by evacuating water at a greater speed. 


The exceptional stability and handling offered by Maxxis UE102 is the competitive edge that makes it one of the best caravan tyres in the market. Its deep shoulder zig-zag tread grooves, double steel-belted construction, and jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap makes your vehicle run with utmost control, comfort, and safety regardless of the road conditions. The 11.2 mm tread depth enhances the grip of your vehicle in wet conditions and prevents aquaplaning while turning. 


If you have a heavy-duty caravan the Maxxis UE168/UE168N tyre is the best pick for perfect handling and performance. The double steel belt and jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap make it exceptionally strong, reliable, and long-lasting for caravan owners. The premium quality rubber protects the tyre from cuts, punctures, and abrasions.

Final Words

Maxxis has emerged as the most preferred tyre brand for caravan owners due to its unique build quality that ensures safety, stability, and performance. Maxxis offers tyres for caravans of all shapes and sizes to enhance your driving experience across all road and weather conditions. Next time you plan a tyre replacement don’t forget to visit the Maxxis store or website to explore what more we have to offer. 

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