What You Need to Consider When Shopping For a Heat Press Machine in Kenya

The world is evolving very fast in terms of technological innovations. Many people always yearn for things that make their lives better with minimal struggle. One of the latest innovations in the industry is the heat press machine.

What is heat press machine­?

This gadget was developed for the purpose of graphics or design imprint on products such as t-shirts or cups just to mention a few. It functions by applying pressure and heat on the product for a set duration of time.

The best heat press machine

To get the best gadget, there are several factors that you should consider such as; the quality and price. In most cases high prices are associated with quality though that may not always be the case as most retailers have realized this secret and sometimes tend to overprice products for no reason at all


A machine that can last long always attracts many buyers. This is due to its often use throughout the day. There are many different heat presses depending on its quality. Some may last 15 to 20 or even over 30 years. Quality and durability affect heat press machine prices in Kenya.

How heat press machine works

The machine have two plates; heat plate which is the top plates and heats setting the temperature. However, there are other machines that temperature and time can be set digitally as well as the pressure.

The timing for t-shirts range from 0-1000 seconds. Most machines also have a temperature rangingfrom 0-500degress Celsius; highertemperature than this the shirt is likely to burn. Turning the knob sets the pressure on. The knob is usually either on top of the control box at the back.


There are many alternatives. Electric iron can be used to apply HTVthough it is not as fast as heat press machine. When the iron box is used well you can still achieve the desired press.to use an iron box, you need to set up your space well and also use a cover sheet to cover your garment.


Heat press t-shirts can last for approximately 2-3years without fading. Avoiding ironing shirts directly, washing the shirts with cold water, avoiding bleaching, drying the shirts inside out, and not using a drier to dry the shirts are some of the factors do’s and don’ts that help increase shirt durability.


Products that have a warranty are the best to consider when buying a product. This enables you to return the product when it breaks down. The company can also send their engineers to come and repair the machine at no expense. The longer the warranty the better the product; the gadget have a 12 months warranty.


T shirt printing machines are the new invention in the designer industry we see around. It requires an average investment to start your own business, before you make a lucrative profit .But before purchasing any press machine ensure you carry out a thorough research to ensure you get the best product in the market.