What to consider while buying a pallet truck and the price in Kenya

While buying a pallet truck or planning to buy one, you may find yourself in a difficult situation on deciding on which pallet truck to choose or what  to check before deciding to go for one therefore this article looks into features that should be considered before choosing a pallet truck.

A pallet truck is a form of forklift mainly used in a warehouse for moving pallets and loads designed in form of pallets. There are different types of pallet trucks designed differently.

There is an emergency of cartels in the pallet truck market therefore you are advised to be extra careful while buying a pallet truck to avoid falling into the cartel’s trap and findingyourselfacquiring a fake pallet truck that will last for a short period then its damaged beyond repair. You should put the following into consideration before deciding on which pallet truck to go for;

Load capacity

Before buying a pallet truck you should have in mind that the pallet trucks are designed differentlyto accommodate different capacities, therefore, making it a big and important consideration to put in place before deciding to buy a pallet truck.

To buy an effective pallet truck ensure that you consider the capacity of the load you are intending to carry with as well as the height.  Other factors such as the pallet truck price in Kenya should be considered in regard to quality


Before deciding to, buy a pallet truck ensures you buy a durable item by avoiding items manufactured by cartels you can ensure you buy stable items by judging the materials used to make the pallet truck.

Ensure they are purely made from stainless steel or aluminum materials which are considered strong materials and pallet trucks made from these materials tend to work for a longer period without being damaged in any way.

Fork length

Pallet trucks are designed differently and they may contain a short fork or a longer fork therefore you should consider the lift height that you will need your items placed then on average decide which pallet truck best suits you to avoid buying a pallet with too short a length or too long making your activities harder rather than making them easy.

Base weight

The base weight of a pallet truck should be highly considered keeping in mind that the strength of a pallet truck is determined by the base weight and therefore you should choose a base weight according to your item keeping in mind that too high a base weight may mean a bulky pallet truck.


From the above information,we conclude that track pallets are designed differently with different features at the same time there are lots of cartels into it whom you should avoid at all costs, you are now aware of which aspects to check in a pallet truck before deciding to buy it.