What to Consider When Selecting Lawn Mower to Purchase

A lawn mower is a machine that uses one or more revolving blades to cut grass at a uniform height. There are different types of lawn mowers in the market. Some include: self-propelled lawn mowers, pull lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, reel lawn mowers, and riding lawn mowers.

There are so many lawn mowers in the market, and choosing the right one for your yard may be challenging. Lawn mowers make it easier to trim our grass to an even height. To decide which lawn mower to choose for your home or business, you need to know the different types of lawn mowers, the size, the type of grass you have, and the terrain.

Below are six factors to consider when selecting lawn mower to purchase.

1. Types of Lawn Mowers

You can’t decide which lawn mower to purchase unless you know what types are on the market. All lawn mowers are mostly designed with the same parts, i.e., blades, wheels, a casing for enclosing blades, and an engine. Performance and power differ with the type of lawn mower. Here are the types of lawn mowers you can find in the market.

Riding Lawn Mowers

They are designed for large yards. Riding lawn mowers are expensive compared to other versions. An example of this kind of mower is a tractor lawn mower.

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Push Lawn Mowers

It is the cheapest of all types of mowers. You have to push the mower manually to cut the grass. In addition, push lawn mowers are less powerful and smaller in size.

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Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic lawn mowers cut the grass within a certain perimeter. This type of mower is automated. Other types of mowers are Reel and Self-Propelled.

2. Price

The lawn mower price in Kenya depends on its features. Don’t be attracted by the design and shiny colors; check its features. Make sure to test the lawn mower before deciding to buy it. Know that lawn mower are designed for different tasks, and you should choose one that will serve you best.

3. Terrain

Uneven grounds or hills require more effort to mow, and therefore you should choose the lawn mower with a powerful engine. The best engine should range around 190cc. In addition, grass also affects the performance of mowers, eg grass like Bermuda is hard to cut compared with fescues.

4. Type of Engine (Gas or Electric)

Gas engines are powerful compared to electric ones, while electric engines are quite and don’t produce smoke. In addition, gas lawn mowers can last for hours when they are in the full tank compared with an electric ones.

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Electric-powered mowers will be effective if you have a subdivided yard; however, if you want to cut the grass in the entire yard or hills, gas-powered ones will be suitable.

5. Ease of Use

Newer models of lawn mowers are easier and safer to operate than traditional ones. Mowers with ease of use features require less time and labor to operate. Choose one with these features if you are the kind of person who has many chores to perform.

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6. Your Dealer

It is cheaper to purchase a lawn mower in your home center or department store. Buying from a local service dealer has more advantages, e.g., when it comes to warranty repairs, you will know where to go for personal services. Most dealers display the best models in the showroom.

Choosing the right lawn mower is the best investment you can make. The factors discussed above will assist you in choosing the best lawn mower.

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