What Makes Gifts a Wonderful Endowment of Giving?

One of the most rewarding aspects of giving is to be able to see your gifts grow over time. Unlike other forms of giving, endowments are perpetual and will continue to support future generations. This is especially valuable when a gift is set up to benefit the entire University. An endowment gift has the added benefit of allowing the donor to have an impact on Duke long after they are gone.

When an individual gives a gift to a charity:

They have the added benefit of making it an endowment. The value of an endowment gift is permanently invested, so it can be used for whatever purpose the donor chooses or the board of directors decides. It is especially appealing to older donors because they have a strong sense of purpose and can be invested for the future. These gifts also provide the donor with many benefits.

Endowment of gifts:

Endowment gifts are a wonderful way to give to a church or nonprofit organization. Unlike traditional donations, endowment funds can be spent on initiatives for many years. An individual can choose to give as much or as little as they want. An endowment gift can be one of the largest and most powerful ways to contribute to a church or non-profit organization. It can be a last gift, a large one, or a lifetime commitment to a cause.

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