What Is The Scope Of The Animation And VFX Industry In India?

Animation and VFX or Visual Effects is a professional discipline that involves assimilation of live shoot with computer generated graphics or animated digitally crafted images including fabricated fictional characters as well as environment and is utilized when a plotline is too difficult or dangerous to simulate in real lifeor you want to create exaggerated, yet realistic and spectacular entertainment.

Industry Scope:

  • According to FICCI EY March 2022 report, Animation and VFX industry, by 2024, is anticipated to rise to Rs. 180 billion.
  • According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) report, India’s market share in Global Animationand Visual effects industry will rise from current 10% to 20-25%.
  • Revenue from the Online Games segment, by 2026, is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 11.47% to reach a market volume of US$ 1,466 m. While Indian mobile gaming market, by 2025, will peg at US$7 billion.
  • India’s VFX and post-production industry, by fiscal year 2024, is anticipated to leap to INR 147 billion.

Thus, opportunities are there to be grabbed.

Career Opportunities:

On completion of their animation course, students can seek opportunities to work under various profiles. Following are few of these profiles:

  • Animator:The animator is responsible for converting hand drawn or digitally crafted images into frames, which are then placed in succession to replicate a movement. This bringing alive of creative concepts is managed by employing diverse software including stop-frame or computer-generated animation, 2D, 3D model-making etc. The content, hence produced, is utilized in movies, TV shows, games & digital mediums etc.
  • Game Designer/Developer: Basis his understanding of the consumer, a game designer conceives &conceptualizes a game concept, devises the game, crafts a story, builds characters, puzzles, levels and mechanics etc. He collaborates with multiple teams from various disciplines such as programming, sound design, testing, marketing etc. so as to develop a product that is a success in the market. In pursuit of success, he ensures that the game can run on multiple platforms and can easily be updated.
  • Concept Artists: He is responsible for visualizing as well as designing the characters, creating simulated worlds that do not exist, crafting the environment, sketching them, conjuring up the personality, moods, reactions etc. He is in great demand in projects involving visual storytelling.
  • Web Designers:He is responsible for ideating, planning, conceptualizing and designing a website as per the client’s brief, end objective, the company’s brand language and targeted users preferences as well as the required website journey. He is also required to identify the right language for coding in addition to its graphical &technical aspects, its user interface as well as intuitive & logical navigation. He is accountable for managing maintenance, updates and ensuring that it runs on varied platforms. Furthermore, he is also accountable for its user interface as well as making sure that website navigation is intuitive, logical and a delight for end user.
  • Rigging or Texture Artist:He creates digital skeleton for 3D computer-generated characters, provides them a personality, face as well as movement so as to develop a lifelike digitized character.
  • VFX Producers: He is responsible for managing the entire VFX process right from conceptualization to budgeting to its final output within the set budget.
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