What Is Computer Graphics and How to Become a Computer Graphics (CG) Designer?

Computer graphics (CG) is the art of generating images using computers. CG enables artists to create complex visuals that are otherwise unachievable. CG has become an inseparable part of filmmaking, digital photography, gaming, and many other industries.

Wide-scale usage of computer graphics in different industries makes it a compelling field to have a career in. Roles like computer graphics designer, in particular, are always in demand. It pays well and has room for growth as you gain experience. Also, there are many computer graphics courses making it easier for students to prepare for the CG designer role.

Let us go through how you can become a computer graphics designer.

1.Enrol in a Graphic Design Course

Like many professions, you will need educational qualifications before you can have a career as a graphics designer. You can get a degree or diploma in visual arts or any other computer graphics course.

Nowadays, boot camp certification courses in graphics design are also very popular among young aspirants. These graphic design courses teach all aspects of graphic design, including modelling, animation, rendering and more, in the span of just 3 months.

That is not all. Boot camp courses also provide you with hands-on training in industry-standard software like Blender.

2.Pick Your Industry

Computer graphics are used in different industries, so you have many careers to choose from. If you like designing products, you can be a CG designer in the product designing field. You also have options to become a CG designer in creative industries like filmmaking or gaming. No matter the industry you choose to specialize in, as a CG designer, you will always be at the core of creative teams and will have ample room for career growth.

3.Build A Portfolio

Graphic design is a competitive field with millions of aspirants willing to enter the industry. So, apart from a degree, you also need to build a portfolio to get hired. A portfolio is proof of your skills and knowledge and helps you differentiate from the competition.

Employers prioritize candidates who have a compelling portfolio with different working projects. Some employers only interview candidates that have some work experience, and a portfolio can be a great way to showcase your work. So, opt for a computer graphics course that focuses on hands-on practical training so you can create your independent projects.

4.Keep on Learning

Graphic design is a highly competitive field which is constantly evolving. New technological innovations and demand for new talent require CG designers to be on their toes if they want to remain relevant. So, keep track of industry trends, and learn new software and skills accordingly.

Final Words

These are all the steps you need to follow to have a successful career in computer graphics. Check out Pearl Edge’s Computer Graphics Course to prepare for a booming career. It is a 3-month boot camp course which helps students master computer graphics. Visit Pearl Edge’s website to learn more about computer graphics course.