What Are the Benefits of Using Garden Hose Splitters

In essence, a hose splitter is a device that divides the flow of water into two or more channels or outlets.

There is a threaded female fitting on the main head that can connect to a hose spigot. From there, the body of the splitter branches out into a specific number of hose outlets. The valves usually come in two or four-way versions. These ends have threaded male fittings that can be used to attach different hoses and timers.

The splitter typically comes with shutoff valves for each channel. You can switch the valves on and off individually or simultaneously, depending on which channels you wish to use at the time. This then allows you to control the water flow to the designated hoses.

There are more benefits to using a garden hose splitter than just convenience. Here are some of them:

Enables Multi-tasking

You can do more than one task with two or more hoses attached to the splitter. While your husband is washing up the car or driveway, another hose fills up your kiddy pool. You can turn on the sprinklers while another hose fills the kiddy pool.

It is possible to do all those tasks simultaneously with the aid of a hose splitter. The more channels there are, the more hoses can be attached to each of them. And thus, more tasks can be accomplished simultaneously without having to connect to another faucet.

Saves You Time

It is quite tiring to screw and unscrew different hoses over and over again without splitters. And most importantly, it wastes your precious time. However, with multiple hoses connected to a splitter, you don’t have to deal with all that hassle. Plus, you can do several chores at the same time. This is an excellent way of being productive.

It’s possible to connect different types of hoses for different purposes. Attach a sprinkler or soaker for your garden, then hook up a pressure washer nozzle to another hose for power cleaning.

Minimizes Wear & Tear on Garden Hoses

The constant movement of garden hoses can result in wear and tear. A frequent attachment and detachment to the spigot can also dull the threading.

As a result of friction between the metal surfaces, these threads become damaged, causing hose fittings to lose their tightness and ability to create a good seal. Eventually, this can lead to water leaks.

Splitters minimize these chances because the hoses are attached to the spigot most of the time, if not permanently. The multiple channels can be used for other hose attachments.

Maximizes the Use of Your Faucet

In order to hook up all your hoses, you don’t need multiple faucets. With one splitter, you will be able to use two or more hoses with just a single source of water. The splitter will divert the water flow to different outlets. Except if your splitter cannot handle the number of hoses you need to attach.

Wrapping Up About Using a Hose Splitter

In addition to providing extra outlets for other hoses, any best garden hose splitters can be used to hook up a timer at the same time to maximize the use of your water hose system. So you can do more chores all from one water source more efficiently.