Ways To Download Instagram DP

If you are an avid Instagram user, you may have noticed that profile pictures can’t be seen in zoomed in form all you can see is a small circle. Surpassing this Instagram restriction is highly important when you are looking to identify accounts. Today maximum accounts share a similar username; hence profile pictures are the only thing that helps identify accounts. But for this you need a zoomed in view of the profile picture or a way to download a profile picture to your device. This guide provides you ways to download any Instagram profile picture easily onto your device.

  • Saving Instagram DP on PC:

If you wish to download any Instagram profile picture you can do that easily by simply using your PC. Read ahead to find out how:

Step 1: open your Instagram account on a browser and navigate the profile whose profile picture you’re interested to zoom and download.

Step 2: after opening the person’s profile simply right click on their DP and choose the “copy image address” option.

Step 3: now paste this URL in a new tab. Now remove s150x150/ from the URL and tap enter.

Step 4: The profile picture will now open in HD quality on your browser. Simply right click on the image and tap on “ save image as” option the image will be downloaded to your device and will appear in the download folder on my PC.

  • Saving Instagram DP on android or Mac device:

If you want to download the profile picture of an Instagram user, one of the easiest ways to do that is by using third-party apps. These apps are designed to allow you to quickly and easily download the profile picture of any Instagram user. All you need to do is enter the user’s profile URL and the app will do the rest. The advantage of using third-party apps is that they are usually free to use. This means that you don’t have to pay any money in order to download the profile picture. This can be particularly useful if you are looking to download multiple pictures from different Instagram users. Some Instagram profile picture downloaders such as InstaZoom work on all devices and operating systems including Mac. Here’s how to use these tools:

Step 1: download an Instagram profile picture downloader tool from play store or app store onto your android and iOS device respectively.

Step 2: install and launch the app on your device.

Step 3: Now simply enter the username of the person whose profile picture you wish to zoom and download in the field provided.

Step 4: tap enter and the app opens the profile picture of that user in HD on your device. Now you can get a closer look at any Instagram profile picture.

Step 5: to download this DP simply tap on the download button given over the DP. The Instagram profile picture will be saved to your gallery/ device instantly. Now you can easily view and download any Instagram profile picture in HD quality directly to your device.

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