Vastu Tips for a Beauty Salon by the Best Vastu Consultants Near Me

Beauty salons are very popular among ladies. To look beautiful, every lady visits a beauty parlor and many of them often see this place. The demand for such parlors is increasing day by day and you will find many beauty salons in the city. As the competition is very high, you may find that various beauty despite not having modern facilities is always filled with the clients while many of them despite having all the facilities remains empty. This is because of the Vastu Shastra. According to the best Vastu consultants near me, Vastu plays a very important role in running a beauty salon successfully. If the interior design of the parlor is done following the Vastu norms, it gets more popular and earns well.

  • As per Vastu norms, never construct a parlor in an irregular shape. A parlor should always be constructed in a square or rectangular shape following the Vastu rules.
  • Entrance of the parlors plays a very vital role. Many people judge the work done in the parlor by looking at the main entrance. Along with the attractive interior, the main entrance of the parlor should be in the east of the northeast zone, south of the southeast zone, west of the northwest zone, or north of the northeast zone.
  • In every parlor you will find a washbasin of hot and cold water which is very essential while doing various tasks. Along with this, the source of drinking water is also there in the parlor. According to the Vastu consultants, always place drinking water in the northeast direction of the space. You can place the washbasin in the north or east direction which is best suitable as per Vastu Shastra.
  • If you want to have a space for worship in your parlor, always place it in the northeast direction.
  • The seating arrangement of the customers should be done facing west or south directions where the mirrors are placed. Always take care that the customer should face west or south direction while you perform your duties.
  • To keep the parlor-related cosmetics, combs, small machines, etc., you require a small almirah. According to the Vastu norms, place the almirah of the cosmetics in the south or west direction to get good results.
  • The best place for any customer in the parlor is the massage table where she can sleep and enjoy the best time of her life while relaxing all her facial muscles. Following the Vastu norms, keep the table in the west direction of the room in a way that the customer’s head comes in the South direction and legs come in the North direction.
  • Along with other appliances, one of the most important appliances is the steam machine. It is best to keep such electric appliances in the southeast zone of the room to follow the Vastu norms.

These are some basic Vastu tips by the best Vastu consultants near me for a beauty salon. These tips can help you in becoming the best parlor in town along with the services you provide to the customers. Visit Concepts Architects.

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