Types of Food Warmers and Tips to consider when Buying

They are typically tabletop devices used to maintain the serving temperature of prepared food. They can be used in both homes and restaurants. They also help to keep the food fresh and hygienic. Moreover, they are made of stainless steel, making them resistant to rust and easy to use.

Their price varies between brands and also depends on quality. For high quality, you will be expected to pay a higher amount. Lower-quality ones will come at a lower price but are not long-lasting.

To ensure that the business runs smoothly, try to get high-quality dishes. Several high-quality dishes are designed for different companies. They are simple to operate and require little maintenance. They have heat resistant handles that are designed to make the user comfortable.

Countertop warmers

They are perfect for ensuring that small food portion is warm and is one of the types used in homes. They come in shapes like circular rice warmers, rectangular warmers, and soup kettles.

Overhead warmers

These are multitask kitchen warmers that keep food warm for a short period.

Heated banquet and transport carts

These are portable pans meant for the catering business. They are intended to hold anywhere from nine to thirty-six pans. The food will remain warm even if the event gets late.

Drawer warmers

They are types of kitchen multitasking devices that keep food hot. They are used to keep food at the right temperature until any other food is ready to be served.

Tips to consider when buying a food warmer

What kind of capacity do you require?

They come in different sizes and are capable of holding other volumes. Knowing the size of food you need to warm daily, helps you decide the right size you need. For example, one can use a medium-capacity warmer to hold most sauces of the day rather than buying multiple pieces. The capacity highly affects the food warmers price in Kenya.

What are you serving?

Ensure you know what you will serve inside that specific warm. For cream-based soups that require typical temperatures, you will need a dish with adjustable temperatures is essential.

How you be plating the food product?

For restaurant and home purposes, you will require to buy ones with a lid. It is because it is not healthy to sell wide-open food. Someone might poison the food, leading to severe problems like the closure of the business.

Where will the warmer be located?

Consider the source of power when locating the dish. Some will require to be connected, while others can just be relocated. If you need one that can be moved to a different position, you can choose a countertop. It is moveable, an advantage over all built-in warmers.

Does it have clear certifications?

For food safety and prevention of illness and food spoilage, you will require equipment meeting proper certifications. It would be best if you used it when you are sure it is safe.


Consider using high-quality dishes because of their long-lasting nature, ease of use, and maintenance. Their prices vary depending on brand and quality.

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