Things to Remember While Preparing Notes For Current Affairs in Hindi

IAS and IPS are the two most responsible bureaucrats who hold the responsibility for security and development in India. Both of them get recruited by an annual exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The commission conducts this exam in three different stages: Prelims, Mains and Interview. Shortlisted aspirants of the Prelims exam can appear in the Mains exam. Once they pass the Mains exam with the required cut-off score, they’ll be called for the personal interview round. Current Affairs is an important subject for Prelims, Mains, and sometimes interview sessions. Most of the Hindi medium candidates choose to create notes for Current Affairs in Hindi.

It is important that candidates should be updated with events and incidents happening in the world and in their country. Basically, aspirants need to follow different news of political, economic, sports, and other sections. Current Affairs is part of GS Paper 1 in the Prelims Exam. The Current Affairs section has a weightage of nearly 30% in this exam. For this, candidates make notes also. We will discuss the points to keep in mind while preparing Current Affairs notes.

Current Affair Notes For UPSC

The best way to create notes for UPSC is to create a preparation plan and stick to it. Candidates do not follow the daily newspapers for Current Affairs Today, and they keep themself dependent on TV and podcasts only. This is the wrong approach. Mentors always suggest that a daily newspaper is the best source of getting updated. Most UPSC Aspirants choose The Hindu or The Indian Express newspaper because of its quality. It not only provides you articles to read, but the new vocabulary of these newspapers helps you increase your proficiency. Below, we have mentioned some points that you should keep in mind.

  • Time Management – The biggest enemy of an aspirant is time. You will have multiple topics to study and limited time. It is important that you separate your time equally for all the subjects. When you are creating notes for Current Affairs, then remember that 60 to 90 minutes daily is enough to get updated on the current events of the day. Do not spend more time.
  • Practice With Previous Year Paper –  Not all the important topics of current affairs can be covered easily by following the news only. When you practice with the previous year’s question papers, then you find some missing topics for your notes. You know very well that there is no fixed syllabus for current affairs, but this approach will help you to prepare notes for current affairs.
  • Don’t Waste Time With Unnecessary News – Newspapers are nothing less than a bundle of news in different sections. Some candidates make themself busy with unnecessary news articles and waste their time for the day.
  • Have a Strategy – Proceeding on a mission without a plan is risky and time-wasting. The UPSC exam is nothing less than a mission for many candidates. They not only compete with other applicants but work hard to remain ahead of them. For this mission, they should have a preparation strategy.

These are the four tips that candidates should follow at the time of creating notes for Current Affairs in Hindi or in the English Language. Now, we will discuss common mistakes to avoid when preparing for the UPSC exam.

  • Not taking mock tests and test series seriously.
  • Ignoring the importance of recent year papers during preparation.
  • Just studying and do not have a timetable
  • Create notes in the book’s language and avoid short or handy notes.
  • Decide to sit 15+ hours daily and not take rest in a proper manner.
  • Do not practice writing long answers.
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