Things to Know about Gem State Gold and Silver

You might have finally decided to invest in precious metals after much thought. The next question is, what’s the best way to get started and what are the things that you need to know before putting your hard-earned money into these products?

When discussing precious metals, you might notice that they are already accessible in various places, including online platforms or physical locations. You’ll also see multiple ranges of prices and different forms of bullion. But why?

You might find it hard to buy the precious metals at the price they are currently trading for in the stock market. This is because some associations are suggesting asking prices and bids based on temporary and theoretical mining contracts.

These contracts are an excellent way to establish the current supply and demand of precious metals. However, you might find out that gold and silver are used in various industries, and there are a lot of them that are being recycled, so mining is not just their primary source. These metals have practical uses and value to various industries like technology, electricity, medicine, dentistry, jewelry, and even space exploration.

The spot price is generally used to know the overall value of raw ore. Many refineries purchase this ore from different mining companies, and they are still in their pure forms. The process is expensive, complex, and lengthy.

The 0.999% forms are then sold to mints and other businesses that will transform them into jewelry, coins, bullion, and other products that the consumers can finally use. The government and private mints also have expensive tools, employee wages, and expensive business overheads like coin presses that will affect the spot price of gold or silver.

So, what exactly is a reasonable spot price?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when you determine the spot price of gold or silver. However, when you become familiar with the different products out there, you’ll begin to spot the bad over the reasonable premiums and make wiser choices.

Fortunately, some companies can help you invest in precious metals, and they can help you navigate your way into the complexities of these investments. Read reviews of the Gem State Gold and Silver companies from sites like to see more about what they offer and if they are legitimate in the first place. They can help you track refineries and mints that can give you low prices, especially if you want to buy in bulk.

Possible Counterfeit and Scams

Some folks are worried about buying precious metals because they worry about counterfeit and scams. These certainly happen to some but not ALL. There are steps to take to avoid being scammed, and you might want to buy some test kits to know the authenticity of the metals.

The test kits can range from x-ray machines to chemical reactors. They are inexpensive and magnetic ones are readily available on many online platforms. This way, you’ll be able to know if the item is genuine or not and avoid buying questionable ones. Some jewelry shops even have handheld devices that will give you information about the purity of a bar or gold necklace in minutes.

Another thing to do to avoid scams and counterfeit products is to only buy from legitimate and trustworthy sources. Do some background checks, read reviews, and get more information about a specific retailer before purchasing anything. If you don’t feel like doing these, you might want to read a shortlisted version of the bullion retailers that have proven themselves for decades.

The best ones pride themselves on catering to thousands of clients and millions of dollars’ worth of sales. Some companies like Gem State Gold and Silver have reviews online which explore more about what they do and what their customer services are like, so you might want to give them a visit.

Avoid big box popular sites, shady platforms, Chinese eCommerce stores, social media sellers, random strangers online, and auction websites. If everyone just stopped purchasing from these outlets, there can be a significant drop in counterfeit gold and silver, and more customers can avoid scams.

IRAs compared to Physical Bullion 

Some folks add gold into their individual retirement accounts for more diversification. Many companies provide outlets to store, buy, and sell precious metals while they will provide you with the annual and quarterly reports of your earnings.

However, when you go with the IRA companies, know that the fees can go up over time, and they control most processes. See more about how IRA works on this site here. You must be ready with the brokerage, storage, administration fees, and markups. These can all take a large percentage of your earnings in the long run. This isn’t to say that you should not consider precious metals in your retirement account, but you just need to research a legitimate company that you trust.

Obtaining physical coins and jewelry is one of the ideal routes that many people consider when they want to possess gold. They have more control of the premiums, and they don’t pay custodians and third-party companies to make the purchases on their behalf. As long as you have a secure storage space, it’s best to get the actual physical bullion to make it more accessible.

Selling the Precious Metals

A common misconception is that you should generally pay a premium price when purchasing precious metals. You might not even get close to the current spot price when it’s time to sell it. This can be true if you buy cash for gold, sell it in your local coin stores, or prefer pawn shops for transactions.

You might want to reach out to the actual retailers when selling, so you’ll have a higher chance of getting the premium value. This is because most people will eventually sell their gold holdings, and they need to make profits. Buying low and selling high should always give you profits. Always deal with trustworthy companies and get genuine gold coins and bars to be on the safe side.

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