The rising importance of game testers: an overview of growth and key figures

The creation of a video game goes through many steps. There is obviously the basic idea, the design, the conception of the computer and digital architecture that allows the game to stand. There is the aesthetic and operational part, that of the sounds and of the mechanics. There are the interweaving stories, the levels to be created. Finally, there is the launch, the publication, the communication. However, a very important moment is missing, a fundamental key to the success of a title: the moment of the test, of the trial.

To understand whether the development of that video game is truly complete and to guarantee a level of playful quality, it is necessary to go through a careful testing phase. It is at this time that bugs and problems are detected, such as glitches, i.e. abnormal behaviour of the software, a malfunction that allows the player to gain unforeseen advantages. Identifying and resolving these problems will be crucial before publishing a game and thus enable the performance optimisation that is important for the smoothness of the gaming experience.

Usually, before a product (like a game) is fully launched, developers conduct tests to ensure it functions as intended. These tests are often carried out by the developers themselves or professional testers. However, in the case of online games and casinos, these tests can be done by the users themselves. Developers release a demo or beta version of their product, allowing users to play and test the game. This provides valuable real-world feedback, allowing the developers to make any necessary improvements or adjustments before the official launch”. explains Silvia Urso of the Italian specialised site

Online casinos frequently use incentives to attract new users and engage existing ones. One of these incentives is the offering of free spins upon registration. This means that when a user creates a new account with the casino, they’re given a number of free spins to use on slot games. This encourages the user to try out the platform and its games without any financial risk. If the user enjoys their experience, they’re more likely to continue using the platform and playing the games, potentially becoming a paying customer”, concludes the specialist.

As Silvia Urso mentioned above, just as often, tests are carried out by some highly specialised professionals. We are talking about QA testers, experts who do something more complex than a generic ‘playing’ of a video game. In fact, their type of gaming experience is not that of the consumer, but of the technician: they subject a video game to a rigorous testing process, testing mechanisms and plots, scenarios and tools, identifying bugs and describing them in detail to enable their severity to be understood and thus resolved. An example, this one, of how the gaming market is constantly evolving also with regard to the labour component. With ever new occupations ready to take over the scene.

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