The Profits of Plus Size Boutique Wholesale Vendors at FondMart

The most important benefit of buying wholesale from FondMart is its exceptional prices on quality products. Their process is also simple, and you will receive personalized attention from your sales manager. You can also ask questions directly to the owners of FondMart, who will be able to answer all your concerns. And what’s more, they give you a personal sales manager who is available to answer any questions that you might have.


When it comes to purchasing boutique wholesale vendors, FondMart is a great place to start. They have thousands of suppliers and provide products for sale at low prices. Because they only charge a product price and shipping costs, you can use them as your own wholesale store, allowing your customers to save money while shopping. However, you should be aware that not all items may fit perfectly. While you may not be able to stock up on a large number of plus size clothes, you can still get a good selection and save a considerable amount of money.

As a plus size boutique owner, you want to sell fashionable plus size clothing at the best possible price. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to do so. FondMart offers many different payment options for its customers. You can pay with PayPal or by credit card. You can also pay via bank transfer for a minimal fee. With the help of FondMart, you can build your own brand by offering unique designs and styles for your customers.


A good reason to buy your plus-size clothing from a plus-size wholesale vendor is the prices. The prices of these garments are considerably high, due to their large-size designs. This is due to the fact that many retailers do not have the resources to keep stocks of these clothes. The larger sizes also require more materials, raising the overall cost of the garment item. Therefore, buying plus-size clothing from a wholesale vendor like FondMart is a good way to get high-quality products at a low cost.

In addition to the low prices, the wholesale vendors at FondMart provide branding solutions. These include sewn-on labels and hangtags. The products are usually shipped within 10 to 20 working days using 40+ popular carriers. The cost of purchasing plus-size clothing from a wholesale vendor depends on how much you want to spend, but the quality is guaranteed. If you’re a beginner in the business of plus-size clothing, buying wholesale from FondMart is a great start.

One-stop-shop model

When it comes to finding high-quality plus-size clothing, FondMart is the place to look. This plus-size apparel wholesale vendor works with verified Chinese manufacturers and suppliers to provide quality plus-size clothes at low prices. Their online store is updated every day with over 1000 new products and features partners from more than 40 countries. With a wide range of products at very affordable prices, FondMart is a great place to start your plus-size boutique business.

The fast supply chain of FondMart plus-size boutique wholesale vendors is an asset to its success. This fast-paced supply chain has helped make brands like Zara famous the world over, but now Shein is catching up. FondMart is also pursuing this fast-paced business model in a more commercial way. They are currently testing a 45-day global door-to-door delivery service, which they say will improve their speed over a ninety-day cycle.

Earning extra income

Women plus size clothing wholesale vendor FondMart provides a variety of women’s apparel including casual and special occasion wear at wholesale prices. Many of the items sold here are made by former chain suppliers and are priced well below the retail price. These garments are often in good condition and are labeled correctly, making them easy to sell and earn great profits. There are two ways to earn extra income from plus size boutique wholesale vendors at FondMart: by selling wholesale plus size clothing to your customers or by distributing these clothes in your own store.


For starters, it’s easy to start a store. FondMart has an extensive database of over 200,000 products from 15,000 suppliers and designers. Because you’ll only be paying for the actual products, you can also include your brand name and logo on your invoices and packaging. However, one disadvantage of FondMart is the limited product selection. It doesn’t carry the high-end fashion or luxury clothes. Alternatively, you can consider Graffiti, a European wholesale clothing vendor.

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