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A hat is a fashionable accessory that effortlessly completes any outfit. But obviously, all caps are created differently. While some are athletic and casual, other hats are made more sophisticated and intelligent. The traditional trilby or fedora is the best choices for a sleek and stylish look. These two hats infuse a dapper edge and a classical look to the overall appearance. But since both fedora and trilby hats are pretty similar, deciding between the two often gets tricky. The following guide helps find the perfect brimmed hat and how to carry it in style.

  • Difference between the trilby and fedora hats

Many men find themselves confused when choosing between the trilby and fedora due to their many similarities. However, both styles have differences; the typical contrast lies in the brims of trilbies and fedoras. While the trilbies boast short edges slightly turned upwards at the back, the fedoras sport relatively flatter and broader brims. Another significant disparity between the two is that you wear them differently. A trilby is worn towards the back of the head, while you may wear the fedora forward to provide shade to the eyes.

  • The trilby explained

A short brim, angled down towards the front with a slightly upturned back, characterizes the typical trilby hat. Though traditionally, trilbies were only made out of rabbit fur, today, they may be made of straw, tweed, or wool.

  • How to sport a trilby?

The youthful hat blends with modern styles and designs when styling a trilby. When wearing a trilby in summer, light straw styles in white, light cream, and beige go best. When sporting it in winter, a felt design is more appropriate. While aiming for a semi-formal or smart casual look, it is wise to pair the hat with a fitted shirt, slim trousers, some unique accessories, and loafers.

  • The fedora explained

The fedora hat features an indented crown with a pinch near the front. The brim is typically round and much more comprehensive than the brim of a trilby. Originating in 1891, the fedora has become a beloved accessory of both men and women. Ideal for almost all weather conditions, the timeless hat comes out of cotton fabric or durable felt.

  • How to sport the fedora?

Fedoras, being one of the most fashionable hats, pair wonderfully with numerous outfits. However, these hats look best when paired with sleek and innovative ensembles. Therefore, they are the ideal accessories for a formal or semi-formal occasion or event.

  • Different types of fedora hats

Like all other fashion accessories, fedoras are available in various designs and styles. Hence making it relatively easy for anyone to find their ideal choice that suits their needs. This classic fashion accessory spoils everyone for selection ranging from evergreen straw fedoras to pork pies. The different kinds of fedoras include:

  • Straw fedora
  • Safari fedora
  • Pork pie fedora
  • Wide brim fedora
  • Small brim fedora

Teaming the fedora with a pair of smart trousers, a fitted shirt, and blazer/coat/vest, or a sophisticated suit completes the look.

1. Straw fedoras

Although traditionally fedora hats come from felt, straw fedoras have become quite popular. Straw fedoras are lightweight and comfortable to wear, but they are also quite stylish in looks. Straw fedoras are ideal for a sophisticated summer outfit and a suitable choice for various outdoor social events like races, polo, and beach weddings.

2. Safari fedoras

Safari fedoras are similar to straw fedoras, with the only distinction being that the style is slightly different. Many safari fedoras also boast of a Panama straw construction, while a few others sport a felt design. Safari fedoras sometimes come with a thin leather band and are usually designed in beige, brown, and green shades.

3. Pork pie fedoras

A pork pie fedora is also known as stingy. This type of hat style stems from that of the typical fedora. Pork pies are very easy to distinguish and identify due to their unique appearance. The most noticeable feature of a pork pie fedora is its brim, which is short and turned up all the way around. The pork pie is made from various materials, including cotton, straw, canvas, and felt.

4. Wide brim fedora

Almost all traditional fedoras have a brim that measures approximately 6.4cm wide. However, this length can widen to give a more eye-catching and dramatic appearance. Not only does the wide brim look stylishly bold, but it also offers excellent protection from the sun to the eyes and face.

5. Small brim fedora

Although typical fedoras generally come with wide brims, tiny brimmed fedoras, though rare, are also quite readily available. Little brimmed fedoras come in the same styles as the traditional fedoras, except that the brims are just shorter. It is because of these short brims that these types of hats are most likely confused with trilbies. These hats project sophistication and style, making them an ideal choice for celebrities. Over the years, celebrities sported them.

Hence elegant celebs of yesteryear and today are suitable for inspiration on how to wear hats.

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