Supermicro is a global leader in delivering next-generation server systems with vast industry expertise from diverse markets. Its leading-edge data centers and cloud infrastructures rely on dependable servers that offer unmatched scalability to handle rapid growth and ever-changing workloads. With more than 1 million customers worldwide in over 120 countries and regions around the world, Supermicro is committed to providing unique solutions that exceed customer expectations in performance and warranty quality while delivering short time-to-market and operational excellence.

HGX Server

The HGX server is a next-generation, scalable, and modular server with unparalleled technical flexibility, robust thermal performance, and excellent cost-performance. Supermicro developed HGX technology to meet the needs of today’s data centers and cloud computing initiatives. The HGX series supports high-density server platforms with ten racks of servers built onto 1U chassis. Built on a fully modular design, this innovative architecture allows customers to create modules based on their specific application needs in terms of computing components (CPUs, memory, and storage), high-speed I/O options, power supply capacity, and passive cooling options.

HPC Server

Supermicro’s HPC systems are designed to meet today’s supercomputers’ high computing power and ultra-low latency requirements. Supermicro’s HPC systems feature CPU platforms featuring Intel Xeon Scalable processors and support for the latest technologies such as NVLink and Nvidia Tesla V100 with ECC memory. All Supermicro HPC motherboards feature onboard Intel Omni-Path mezzanine (OP) slots with up to 4 ports on a single motherboard.

Data Center Server

Supermicro is an industry leader in helping customers build and grow their data center infrastructure using custom server and storage designs based on a modular architecture that is highly scalable, efficient, flexible, and cost-effective. With over 20 years of experience in data center server design and manufacturing, Supermicro is the industry benchmark for engineering and design services for high-density servers.

Enterprise Server

Supermicro offers a comprehensive portfolio of motherboards featuring Intel Xeon Scalable, Intel Xeon D-1500 Processors, AMD EPYCTM Processors, and support for integrated graphics, media, and I/O options. The family of motherboards is designed to maximize the performance per watt value while maximizing data center uptime through multiple 10GbE networking options. This impressive line-up is complemented by a wide selection of computing storage products, such as integrated RAID controllers, SAS controllers, etc., with special features to enable efficient data storage.

Private 5G

Supermicro’s private 5G solutions are designed to meet the demanding requirements of critical applications, including high-performance computing, data centers, and industrial automation. Supermicro enables private 5G deployments with professional service and support that meet the essential time-to-market requirements of bandwidth-hungry applications.

Supermicro’s Private 5G solutions offer innovative solutions at all layers of private 5G networks, from the network edge to fog/fiber over distance applications using its integrated GPU InfiniBand adapter modules.

The integration of embedded 10GBase-T with 10GbE networking capabilities makes it ideal for networking with cloud computing providers and private side channels for all those data centers that require dedicated bandwidth for high-performance computing in private networks.

HPC Cluster

Supermicro’s new HPC clusters are based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and include support for the latest Gen9 Intel CPUs and a wide array of I/O options. Supermicro is the first to offer 45U server arrays based on higher-density servers (HPC & Data Center) and our innovative SuperServer Scalable platforms.

Cloud Computing

Supermicro’s Cloud Computing offerings are designed to meet the needs of data centers and cloud computing infrastructures using its integrated GPU InfiniBand adapter modules. An integrated GPU with dual 10GbE ports provides a performance boost in both I/O-intensive applications and datacenter workloads.

Rackmount Dual Processor

Supermicro’s dual-processor rackmount server is ideal for any application that requires a high-performance processing engine. It features extreme computing power and performance in a single, robust platform.


Supermicro’s mini-ITX motherboards deliver cutting-edge performance in a space-efficient form factor. The technology behind Supermicro’s mini-ITX motherboard has next-generation performance, features, and reliability, with more PCI Express slots and faster expansion slots than any other mini ITX motherboard on the market today.

Supermicro is a global leader in innovative hardware solutions for data centers, the cloud, and enterprise applications. Their outstanding team comprises world-class engineers and system architects who have helped pioneer the industry’s most advanced server systems for data centers and enterprise applications. Supermicro continues to innovate with next-generation server hardware that meets the latest technological demands of today’s IT establishments.

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