Strategies for Allocating Attributes in Moonlight Sculptor: A Guide

In Moonlight Sculptor, both armor and weapons require certain attribute levels to equip them. As an example, leather armor needs agility, and plate armor needs strength. Usually, hunters and archers use leather armor, and mages use magical armor, but there are exceptions. For instance, certain high-level hunting grounds may necessitate mages to carry plate armor in order to stay safe. So, when setting your character attributes, try not to put all points into agility or strength. Instead, pick what fits your style of play and whether you focus on PvE or PvP. The following advice is just a suggestion, and may not be completely accurate.

Fitness for warriors is about having the strength and dexterity to perform.

In order to be accurate, warriors must first meet a strength requirement of 70 and then invest in a certain degree of agility. Studies have shown that attributes have a direct impact on this.

– Potency: Attack capability, health points, load capacity of the rucksack, weapon and armor usage requirements.

– Agility: Precision, rate of successful strikes, ability to avoid being hit.

Below is the proposed distribution:

  1. Strength 70 can be increased by adding agility and accuracy (ranging from 105-115%) in addition to strength.
  2. All Agility is equivalent to strength of 70.

When it comes to Paladins, strength, constitution, and agility should be taken into consideration.

For Paladins, Constitution is essential for using weapons and shields, along with Strength for armor. To meet accuracy needs, investing in Agility is a must. When allocating points, it is best to focus on Constitution for gear, Accuracy for primary hunting grounds, and then Strength. Charm can be increased with food or equipment. Attribute effects should be considered:

– Constitution: Fulfills the criteria for both defensive and offensive armament.

– Advantages: Able to meet the needs of protection and offensive strength.

– Agility: Skill in being accurate, the likelihood of a successful critical strike, and the ability to dodge.

It is suggested to allocate resources in the following manner:

To equip legendary weapons and armor, Constitution 70 and Strength 65 are required, with Agility taking precedence.

The strength is 65, and the accuracy of the agility is between 105 – 115%, with all related constitution.

To equip legendary armor, a Strength of 65 is needed. After drinking a reset potion, it is advised to spread the points equally between Constitution, Agility, and Strength.

Many wizards are now donning plate armor in order to remain alive.

To don magical armor and wield legendary magic staffs, mages must first meet the intelligence requirement of 73. Furthermore, it is suggested that they invest in wisdom to support the high accuracy requirement for advanced mage players. To increase their survivability, some may shield themselves with lizards or don plate armor. After satisfying the accuracy requirement, it would be wise to boost maximum MP and MP recovery with wisdom. Ultimately, these are the main effects of attributes:

– Attributes of intelligence: the ability to deliver powerful blows, the likelihood of causing critical strikes, the requirement for wearing armor and the utilization of magical staffs.

– The hallmarks of wisdom include being precise, having a high MP, restoring MP quickly, and having the ability to evade.

It is suggested that:

Connecting Intelligence 73 (the minimum level of Weapon Wear that is considered legendary) with Charm 33 (the amount of charm necessary for capturing lizards) results in a total of all Wisdom.

Put some points into Strength, then use a reset potion to increase Intelligence to 73, and finally, allocate all the remaining points to Wisdom.

Agility should be the main focus of archers when investing in their skill set.

Archers, as long-range damage dealers, do not require additional strength in order to don plate armor and can simply focus on boosting their agility to increase their attack power and accuracy. As for charm, it needs to be raised to a range between 28 and 33 to be effective. In terms of the main effects of attributes:

– Agility is needed for increased attack power, accuracy, critical strike rate, and evasion.

– Having charm increases the cIt is suggested to allocate the following:

hances of taming a pet, as well as providing additional capabilities to the pet.

  1. Possessing a high degree of flexibility.
  2. Begin with a Charm 33 potion and then boost Agility, after that drink a reset potion and finally the Agility stat will be all the way up.

Using Agility 70, one is able to strengthen their pet with Charm.

The individual who embarks on the journey of becoming a sculptor begins at a low status and rises to a position of mystery and prestige upon completion of their craft.

When considering whether to invest in strength or agility, sculptors may find it advantageous to prioritize agility. This is because it improves accuracy, critical strike rate, and evasion. Additionally, the sculptor’s expert skill passive increases both physical and magical attack power as agility increases. For those wanting to invest some in strength, a 4:1 or 3:2 constitution to strength ratio is recommended. However, a mage-type, long-range play style is ill-advised as it requires investing in wisdom and has a 30-second cooldown for the main magic skill. In summation, the main effects of attributes suggest agility is the best choice for sculptors.

– Power: Attack strength.

– Agility: Strength of attack, precision, likelihood of critical strikes, ability to avoid being hit.

It is suggested to allocate:

When playing Moonlight Sculptor, it is essential to pay attention to the occupational attributes and to select the equipment accordingly. The advice above can be used as a guide, but ultimately the point allocation should be tailored to one’s own preferences. To find out more about the game, one should download the Redfinger Android emulator from