Some Driving Tips To Refrain From Accidents

Experienced car owners can be well versed with the terminology used by vehicle insurers because of the purchase or renewal cycles they confront year after year. However, new vehicle owners can find understanding the terms challenging due to the number of conditions involved. In times of confusion, a vehicle insurance holder can always reach out to their insurer to get their doubts clarified.

If you don’t have a vehicle insurance policy already and are considering purchasing a car insurance, quickly search online to find popular car insurers. Most insurers commonly provide third-party property damage, third-party fire and theft, and car warranty coverage policies. The comprehensive policy is considered the best for many people because of the broader-ranging coverage it offers a vehicle.

While you are driving a vehicle, there are a few important things and steps to follow so that you drive safely and don’t meet with an accident. Many accidents that occur can be avoided if proper preventive measures are taken. By keeping these points listed below in the article, you can ensure to protect yourself and the vehicle from any mishap.

  • Be patient always. Never lose your calm.
  • Use side mirrors to check before overtaking or changing the lanes.
  • Try to follow as much lane driving as possible.
  • Avoid wrong side driving. Dedicate more time to take a u turn to reach your destination.
  • Wear a seatbelt. If you buy a screen protector for a 10k mobile phone, you should put on a seat belt or wear a helmet for sure. Your body is more precious howitstart.
  • Do not cross the speed limit
  • Pick the vehicle with suitable safety features
  • Never forget to wear your seat belt
  • Tailgating should be avoided
  • Look out for blind spots
  • Watch out for motorcyclists and jaywalkers
  • Avoid driving when you are sleepy
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol
  • Look out for caution signs
  • Try to follow lane discipline
  • Avoid using your mobile phone while driving
  • Don’t blame it on others when you are taking risky maneuvers.
  • Speed thrills but kills are always true. We have loved ones waiting for us at home. Drive responsibly.
  • Be your own traffic police. Behave as if they are watching you everywhere.
  • Use indicator, dipper wherever possible.
  • Don’t use high beams within city limits. It will blind the driver. Most Indians don’t want to switch to low beam as it reduces visibility. But I still feel pain when others use high beams.
  • Don’t honk unnecessarily. Reduce sound pollution.
  • Adjust your mirrors to have maximum visibility.
  • If you are a rookie in driving don’t attempt to drive on expressways or speed highways. You endanger others.
  • Don’t encourage distractions.
  • Stop at red-light even at midnight. Don’t jump the signals. Start only at green. Don’t start at numbers.
  • Leave space for pedestrians and cyclists. They need roads too. Don’t honk at them.
  • Never block free left or right.
  • Give way to the ambulance.
  • Finally no drink and drive. Don’t make others suffer for your mistake.

Do’s and Don’ts in case of an accident

Worst case situation if your vehicle is met with an accident due to unforeseen circumstances, the important thing to do is to stay calm and analyze the situation. Below are some quick dos and don’ts that you should remember in case of an unfortunate occurring.


  • Look and find all the injuries
  • Call for help and assistance nearby
  • Try to control the blood flow, in case of bleeding.
  • Make a call to the police, hospital, and your insurer
  • click photos of the accident spot, as they will be handy and crucial for the police and the insurance company


  • Do not accept or agree to any verbal on-spot settlements from the third-party. Check with your insurance provider before making any settlements.
  • Never disappear from the accident sight. You can help the casualties in case they have severe injuries.
  • Some things to remember for physical injuries that happen during an accident:
    • Never remove an object that is stabbed. This will only worsen the blood flow. Let the object remain as it can at least stop the blood flow till you get to a hospital
    • Refrain from feeding liquids or food to the injured person.
    • Avoid moving the neck of the injured. If the neck is at an unnatural angle after the accident, avoid moving and wait for a doctor.

These are some of the basic things you can do to avoid accidents. You can contact the insurer for clarification if you have other questions relating to a vehicle insurance policy’s terminology. If you want to buy car warranty coverage, you will need to shop around a little bit. Also, know that comprehensive car insurance can provide your vehicle with wider cover even if it means you have to spend a little more. So, consider your vehicle insurance options before hitting on the sign-up button.