Rail Shower Head Made Simple: What You Need to Know

Not every shower is the same. Also, not every shower will work for you and your family. Finding the right rail shower head for your bathroom can be hard because there are so many different kinds, each with its own features and look.

We often forget the most basic parts of our bathroom design and how we use it because of water-saving gadgets and other high-tech add-ons.

Know how to measure things

Make sure you have a good idea of how big your bathroom is before you start. Think about how big and how the bathroom is set up. Do you have enough space for a shower you can walk into? Consider getting a walk-in tub or a small corner shower to save space in your bathroom.

  • Limited space

You can easily install a hand shower in a small bathroom by attaching it to the shower rail or a wall bracket. If you choose a single showerhead, it does not mean that your showering experience will be worse. In modern hand shower sets, you can choose from calming and peaceful sprays or ones that pulse and wake you up.

  • Extra space

You could get a rain shower or a shower system with more than one head. When you get rid of an old shower, the new one should fit into the holes in the wall where the old one was. Before installing the wall brackets for the shower, you must first ensure that your walls are strong enough for this.

Know the client

Who will use this bathroom to take a shower? Taking your family’s needs into account will help you decide where to put the hand shower so everyone can use it, no matter how tall they are.

Hand showers are better than fixed showerheads for people who have trouble moving around, like small children and the elderly. With or without a shower, they can be used by people of all heights and in places that are hard to reach (e.g., the bathtub). People who have trouble moving around will like this feature the most.

Understand thermostatic and single-lever faucets

Once you have chosen the right shower system for your bathroom, learn how to use the faucet.

  • Thermostats for showers:

Thermostatic showers are a great choice for homes with kids or older people. There is a thermostatic cartridge inside that keeps track of and keeps the shower at the same temperature. Every thermostatic shower faucet has a built-in hot water safety lock that stops water flow if there is not enough hot or cold water to stop uncomfortable bursts.

  • Shower valves with one handle:

With a single-lever shower, the flow of water can be changed and hot and cold water can be mixed in a single cartridge. Even though single-lever faucets let you adjust the temperature and pressure of the water coming out of the tap, they may not respond to sudden changes in the water’s temperature. So, the temperature and flow of the water in your shower can be affected by how other water points are used (e.g., the washing machine or washbasin faucets). Remember that this could be a problem if you have a big family, especially young kids.

Know the options and features

Check out the features of today’s shower faucets and think about what you want from your shower before you make a final choice. Here are a few things you should remember:

  • Functions to keep us safe

How safe do you think yours will be compared to other shower faucets? Burn injuries are less likely to happen if you choose thermostats with safety features like THERMO COOL that keep the housing from getting too hot.

Ensure your shower has a temperature limiter to keep you from getting burned by hot water. So that the water does not accidentally get too hot, it keeps the temperature at 38 °C. The 38 °C limits can be removed by pressing a safety button.

  • Things that help save water

Using EcoFlow Control features with a built-in flow restriction can cut the amount of water you use daily by a lot. Modern Bluetooth-enabled digital showers, for example, can give you real-time feedback through an LED display and an app, and they can save up to 22% of your annual energy and water use.

  • Benefits to health

Modern showers with water-therapy programs let you choose how long and what kind of spray you want when you take a shower so that you can improve your health and well-being as a whole. The models of Recuperation, Reloading, and Relaxation programs are made to improve health.

  • Design

If you want to get ideas, check out what is popular in bathrooms now. Matte black models with the same smart features as regular models are more popular because they give a modern bathroom a more elegant look.

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