Problems Lady Doctor Can Help With

We women go through many changes in our bodies and need someone to help us understand. You may not be able to tell what’s “normal” when it comes to sexual and reproductive health and what is an indication of a problem. Despite the hesitation that one can feel in approaching a doctor, you must approach a lady doctor near you at the first sign of something unusual related to your sexual or reproductive health. A lady doctor/gynaecologist has heard and seen it all and is there to help you without passing any judgements.

Here are some problems a lady doctor can help you with:

Painful Periods

While one has their periods going on, everything seems unpleasant. Cramps, mood swings, headaches, and nausea are common complaints women have. But some women have period cramps with chronic pain. If you’ve been experiencing chronic period pain for a while now and getting worse, you should consider talking to a lady doctor. A gynaecologist will help you understand the problem and give you a solution.

Vaginal Odour

Talking about your vagina can seem daunting, especially while discussing vaginal odour. If you feel that your vagina has a foul or fishy smell, you need to talk to a nearby lady doctor as soon as possible as it’s not a good sign and can lead to vaginal infection. Normally vaginas do not have a fishy smell, but if you feel it’s different from your regular odour, there are chances of you having a bacterial overgrowth. Only a gynaecologist can help with such problems.

Pain During Sex

Sex is one topic that very few women are comfortable talking about. Some people face no problem during sex, while others may experience pain during sex. If you’re experiencing pain during the act or if the pain persists after, consider making an appointment with your nearest ladies’ doctor. Sometimes our vagina creates a wall and doesn’t allow penetration; if you force sex, the pain will increase and lead to bleeding. A lady doctor will be able to decipher the correct problem and provide treatments for relief.

Missed Periods

Every month women go through the menstrual cycle. But if you experience irregular period cycles and are not sexually active, it may indicate a different problem. While factors like stress, weight gain, hormonal fluctuations etc., can be the leading causes of a skipped cycle, one cannot completely ignore the possibility of skipped cycles being an indicator of PCOD/PCOS. However, this can be correctly diagnosed only by a medical professional. You’ll know more once you visit your gynaecologist, who will then provide the correct treatment to regulate your period cycle.

These are some of the problems a lady doctor can help you with. You can find a lady doctor near you through google and can schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that the gynaecologist has a professional degree, has a clinic or is in a hospital with good reviews about her. The charges matter too, so take your time searching for the nearest doctor.

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