Pedestrians Can Be Hard To See. Tips To Keep Them Safe While Driving Include:

Know Where You Will Encounter Kids

Typically, we, as humans, need more time to make quick decisions. As a grown-up and experienced driver, you should always know that there are high chances you will meet children along the way. It would help to be cautious near parks, schools, or playgrounds. Whenever you see a stopped school bus, even when its lights are not flashing, you should always avoid passing it. You should be cautioned that if would cause an accident, a pedestrian accident attorney will handle your case in a court of law.

Slow Down at Crosswalks

It is common for drivers to disrespect crosswalks. It is the work of these marked lanes to protect both pedestrians and drivers. The marked lanes provide people walking on foot with a safe place to cross the roads. Also, the drivers know where exactly to expect pedestrians to cross. Therefore, whenever they are approaching a crosswalk, they should slow down. More importantly, pedestrians often ignore approaching vehicles and assume drivers are always on the lookout.  

Avoid Consuming Alcohol and Other Drugs

Most pedestrian-related accidents that have been occurring have involved drug abuse, such as alcohol when driving. This information comes as a result of many victims, as per their pedestrian accident attorneys’ reports, stating that those accidents occurred due to alcohol consumption by drivers. Alcohol has always been known to cause impairment to a person’s ability to function and make sound judgments and decisions. Just as drivers should avoid drinking when driving, pedestrians should avoid drug and substance abuse whenever they walk on roads, sidewalks, or pavements.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are usually occupied by driving vehicles and walking pedestrians. Therefore, they are virtually waiting for the occurrence of accidents. Always stay on the watch for small pedestrians when going through a parking lot. Children may get out of sight of their guardians and parents, who may need to be more focused when getting everyone out of their vehicles or loading packages into trunks.


Both drivers and pedestrians are put at greater risk whenever distractions occur. Both of them, while walking or driving, should avoid using cell phones and any other mobile devices. Instead, they should focus on their actions and not answer calls or texts.

Driving Conditions

Drivers often find stopping on wet and slick roads challenging. For instance, when a pedestrian pops up in front of you, stopping as quickly as possible becomes cumbersome. Unfavorable weather conditions also may inhibit clear visibility on roads. Having enough knowledge of road conditions and adjusting your driving is advisable.  

Pedestrians with Special Needs

You should always closely watch people on the sidewalks using a wheelchair, a cane, or a walker. Blind people using white bats or service dogs to walk are always considered to have the right way. Although those with disabilities are not exempt from following traffic regulations, everyone’s safety is greatly enhanced if we watch for one another. We won’t be able to adhere to this simple act; in that case, we might need a pedestrian accident attorney to represent us when pedestrian-related accidents occur.            

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