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Market intelligence is the information or data gathered by organizations to study the target market. An organization can determine market opportunity, market segmentation, existing market metrics, and market penetration techniques by performing market intelligence

Any visionary entrepreneur knows how important feasibility studies are before establishing the desired business, and gathering intelligence is an essential aspect of understanding the state of the market. Such intelligence also helps you collect competitor information, a crucial market strategy.

Types of Marketing Intelligence

Entrepreneurs can use many different approaches to derive actionable marketing information. They often choose from a variety of approaches, including:

1. Focus groups

A focus group is when an organization vets the public in order to come up with a suitable sample size of their target market. In this approach, a moderator ignites a discussion about their product with the focus group by first asking a series of predetermined questions. By so doing, marketers or entrepreneurs can gain insight directly from the public, allowing them to make more nuanced or informed decisions about future campaigns.

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2. Conducting Polls

Many entrepreneurs confuse polls with surveys. Typically, surveys serve the same purpose as polls, only that polls focus on one specific factor question. The best thing about polls is that the participants can quickly and easily answer the question, often leading to a higher response rate. This approach also gives unbiased opinions and serves as one of the best market indicators whenever market metric information is sought.

3. Field Trials

Depending on the type of product or service being offered, organizations can depend on free trials or samples, having the opportunity to test different variables around their product or service. Having the chance to experiment with various initiatives is always beneficial while minimizing waste in advertising

4. Issuing Questionnaires

Many organizations have long been using questionnaires to study their target market and determine the market metrics. The best thing about this approach is that the entrepreneur can gather crucial market information before deciding what to supply to the public. Moreover, questionnaires can be conducted online or in-person, offering flexibility for those on a tight budget.

5. Forms

Forms are mostly used to gather demographic data about the market’s specific information. Such information puts an organization at an advantage over its competitors because it provides more insights on objective data versus the general feedback or public opinion.

6. Mail Surveys

Mail surveys are arguably the most cost-effective way to reach a wide range of target customers. Despite the recent technological advances and social media boom, mail surveys are still a fruitful way of gathering vital information about your customers. It will help you conduct outreach in locations where access to technology might be limited.

What does market intelligence tools do?

Businesses can use tools that help them collect and digest necessary data about their target market. Despite their slightly expensive costs, these tools are essential in conducting a detailed analysis of needed information and do not need as many employees as other conventional approaches. These tools include firmographic information, competitive information and analysis, financials and funding rounds, and search marketing trends.

How businesses can get started using market intelligence tools

Businesses, however small, need to gather some form of feasibility study. At NetBase Quid, we can help you set up a customer advisory board, where we can connect to your target market and help you set up up an advisory board for direct contact with consumers. In so doing, you can easily understand prospect interests, needs, and challenges and help ypu create a more impactful messaging system. Try NetBase Quid for all your marketing intelligence services.

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