List of Traditional Gold Jewellery for Every Bride’s Jewellery Box

The wedding of a daughter is the most awaited moment for every father. A girl dreams about her marriage every day and when the day comes it is like the dream come true moment for the whole family. The parents put all their efforts to fulfill all the desires of their daughter and the most important one is to fill her jewellery box with all the traditional gold jewellery. As they want their daughter to look perfect on her special day, they leave no space for any compromise and provide her with all the things that she desired from her beautiful looking attire to the traditional gold jewellery.

If you are confused what are the essential ornaments to be added to the bride’s jewellery box, check out the list here:

  1. To start with the head, the maang tika is a beautiful piece of jewelry to be added to her jewellery box.  It is worn on the head by parting hair. Various designs and sizes are available in the market but to complete the bridal look, heavy maang tikas as preferred.
  2. The Second essential is the gold necklace set that makes the bride look more like a princess. Every family has a traditional necklace that is most forward to the daughter or the daughter-in-law. But at the time wedding, the bride prefers to wear a heavy-looking necklace that matches her attire and other ornaments.
  3. The Third essential is the Rani haar which is an exquisite piece of jewelry, that gives a queeny look to the bride. Every bride is given this large-sized gold rani haar that with layers and heavy looking gold pendant. To give the necklace a royal look, it is adorned with rubies, diamonds, pearls, and emeralds.
  4. The bride’s look is complete with earrings that match rani haar. Mostly, brides wear heavy-looking earrings for their bridal look, but many of them are not able to handle it because of their soft ears. The brides should always wear jewelry that looks heavy but weighs less. This is so, as she has to carry the attire for the whole day and if she is comfortable with her attire and jewelry pieces, she will also be able to enjoy her special day.
  5. Hands can’t be left empty and to enhance the beauty of hands, matching bangles are paired with gold kadas. Every culture has its traditional gold kadas that are forwarded from one generation to another. For example, in Maharashtrian culture, gold bangles are paired with green-colored glass bangles that are essential for every Maharashtrian bride to wear even after her marriage and on every special occasion.
  6. To make the legs and feet look beautiful, stunningly adorned anklets and toe-rings are worn by the brides. The toe rings are worn after marriage only and hence, it is proof that the girl is married now just like the gold mangalsutra.

Every culture has its fixed traditional jewellery designs that forward it from one generation to another. The bride also wears nose rings, waistbands, various types of necklace sets, rings, and many other ornaments that make her look more beautiful.

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