knowledge of wind energy

Energy is not only generated by solar energy that is converted by using the installation method of solar cells. But everything has energy, of course the wind also has energy. And we can take advantage of wind energy. 

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Wind is one of the most important renewable energy sources for our planet. It is well known that wind is the movement of air masses caused by temperature differences in different areas of the Earth. During daytime The air above the ground heats faster than the air above the water, so hot air above the ground expands and rises. make a gap The air on the water’s surface at a lower temperature fills that gap.

wind power

natural phenomenon Caused by different areas on the earth’s surface temperature is not the same. The air in the higher temperature region is warmer and lighter than the air in the lower temperature region. Lighter hot air will rise higher. causing the air in the cooler area to flow in instead of creating a gust of wind

Humans have been taking advantage of wind energy for thousands of years, for example using wind energy to bale water in fields or salt fields, using energy to mill or grind grain. Using wind energy to power a sailboat Wind energy is clean energy that does not cause pollution like fossil energy and can be used infinitely.

4.1 History of wind power generators

Wind power generators were first developed in the 1970s. Wind power technology has evolved rapidly. The size of the wind turbine at that time was 300 kW with a diameter of a turbine blade of 30 meters. After about ten years, many manufacturers have produced a 1,500 kW turbine with a blade diameter of 70 meters and in the past. The turn of the new century, a 2 megawatt wind turbine with a blade diameter of 14 meters was developed. and installed for use The 2 MW wind turbine is now the size of a commercial wind turbine. And 4-5 MW wind turbines are in development with a 45 MW prototype installed for testing in 2002. The market for wind turbines is expanding rapidly.

Wind turbine components

Wind turbines have the following important components:


The propeller receives the wind energy and converts it into mechanical energy. which is attached to the spindle assembly and transmits force from the spindle to the spindle shaft Propellers are the most important parts of a wind turbine. Modern wind turbine blades are often made to look like airplane wings. To help wind turbines be more efficient in generating electricity. When the wind blows in, the propeller spins.

spindle shaft

The shaft is a rotating axis attached to the propeller that receives the rotational force from the propeller. and transmits force to the power system to rotate the generator When the impeller rotates, the shaft will rotate as well.

power system

Transmission system, which is a system for adjusting and controlling the rotational speed. between the spindle shaft and the generator shaft


generator It is an electrical device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

brake system

Wind turbines used to generate electricity require efficient braking systems. Because if there is a very strong wind that exceeds the limit of the designed wind turbine, it will cause damage to the generator, for example, producing too much electricity until the coil is hot and the ball burns, or in the case of maintenance, the turbine needs to be stopped. Turbine rotation, etc.

Neck spindle adjusts to the wind direction

It is the engine room rotation controller. in order for the propeller to receive the wind direction Acts in relation to the rudder to receive the wind direction.

wind turbine tower

Acts as a bearing for various components of the wind turbine.

Working Principle of Wind Turbine Generator

Working principle of wind turbines when the wind blows through the turbine blades The kinetic energy generated by the movement of the wind transfers some of the energy to the wind turbine, making the wind turbine mechanical energy. Mechanical energy from the spindle of the wind turbine. will be converted into electrical energy by a generator connected to the spindle of the wind turbine The amount of electrical energy produced depends on the speed of the wind. impeller length

Wind Farms

wind farm It is a group of wind turbines in the same location that are used to generate electricity. Large wind farms can contain hundreds of tons of wind turbines. and covers a long area of many square kilometers. Free space may be used for farming as usual.

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