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ThriveDX, a venture capital firm that has raised over $20 million in investment, has announced its new ai 20m series. As the company explains in its release, the series will focus on the company’s artificial intelligence platform and the use of machine learning. The ai 20m series will allow investors to buy into companies in the artificial intelligence space, which include companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung.

ThriveDX raises $100 million

ThriveDX is a Coral Gables-based EdTech company that focuses on closing the skills gap. This includes a variety of learning solutions and digital transformation consulting. It has an impressive portfolio of over 500 customers and plans to expand in the coming months and years. With a focus on the cybersecurity space, ThriveDX is well-positioned to help close the global digital talent gap.

ThriveDX offers a range of digital transformation consulting services as well as cyber and digital security training for both enterprises and individuals. Their SaaS platform features an all-in-one solution for enterprises and an end-to-end suite of mobile and web security. ThriveDX has also acquired a few companies in recent years, including Cybint Solutions and Kontra Application Security Training. In the course of the year, ThriveDX is on track to reach its goal of 3,200 employees.

While ThriveDX is best known for its cybersecurity training, they also boast a range of other perks, from cyber and digital security consulting to a robust platform for digital transformation. The company has an impressive portfolio of partnerships with more than 20 top-tier academic institutions and corporations, from Harvard University to Toyota. As for workforce training, the company has a full complement of programs, ranging from data science to digital marketing. Among the companies that have worked with ThriveDX are Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, SoftBank, and Bank of America.

ThriveDX announces its ai 20m series

The aforementioned feat of arms is a tad more modest than the grand daddy of all the new kid on the block. Aside from the aforementioned feat of arms, ThriveDX has been a stalwart and steadfast partner in crime for over three years, thanks in no small part to the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned. One of the most impressive perks of the aforementioned partnership is the ability to tap into a massive pool of high tech talent and a cadre of oh-so-obsessed, if you will, employees with a penchant for innovation and a little bit of gumption. For instance, a recent study revealed that only 51% of US workers with a psychiatric disability are on the job; a mere 39% of whom have a formal IT background.

ThriveDX raises $20 million

ThriveDX, formerly HackerU, is a company that provides cybersecurity training. The Coral Gables, Florida-based EdTech firm works closely with top corporations and academic institutions to provide cutting-edge skills training to businesses. It offers a platform to train learners in cybersecurity and other digital transformation programs.

ThriveDX has worked with several companies, including Intel, Microsoft, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Lufthansa. They are also in collaboration with the University of Michigan, New York University, and San Diego State. As of the end of 2018, the company had more than 2,000 employees worldwide, with more than 500 clients. ThriveDX has plans to expand into Asia and Europe in the near future, while continuing to build its talent pipeline.

The company has a unique SaaS platform, combining all the security training needs of a business into one package. ThriveDX specializes in end-to-end solutions for enterprises. In addition, the company recently rolled out international online training programs.

ThriveDX has partnered with the adult education arms of major universities, offering certification programs and professional development opportunities in digital technology. It also operates a training program for students interested in changing careers. Since 2006, ThriveDX has impacted over tens of thousands of learners worldwide.

The company’s recent funding will allow it to expand its workforce training programs and help it build out its sales organization. It will also help it grow its customer base and enhance its risk transfer.