Important details you should know about sugarcane juice machines and their prices in Kenya

Production is something considered to be very crucial since the olden days. Technology advancement is what has enabled products fast and efficient production requiring less human labor and energy. The sugarcane juice machine is one of the best inventions or technology that have been very successful in fast production and reducing human labor.

What is a sugarcane juice machine?

A sugarcane juice machine is a machine that helps in the production of sugarcane juice. It is commonly known as the sugarcane juice extractor. The device works very efficiently and fast, making juice production seem easy. The machine works by squeezing the sugarcane to produce the juice from it and flittering, producing the finest juice.

The best sugarcane juice machine

One of the most important part or details that you understand best when purchasing a sugarcane juice machine is first to understand your needs and the specification of the kind of machine you need. The sugarcane juice machines are variety in the market butchoosing the best is the problem. Choosing depends on what qualifications you have and the budget you make.

The durability of the machine 

Getting to understand that you need to have the best quality machine to have a durable and reliable machine is important; you need to keep in mind that most sugarcane juice businesses operate throughout the year and thus you need to have a quality machine. When making a purchase, consideration like the quality, reliability, and durability heavily affects the sugarcane juice machine prices in Kenya.

How the machine works

The functioning of the machine is very interesting. The sugarcane juice machine has three steel rollers geared by a suitable motor to crush the sugarcane, thus producing the juice. The crushing process breaks the canes’ complex nodes and stems, leaving them flattened. Then the sap is collected and filtered, serving the finest of it.

Prices of the machine 

The prices of the machine vary from one type to the other. You can even find a smaller machine more expensive than the bigger one due to differences in quality. Once you have planned your budget for the machine and the specifications needed, you can find the machine on online platforms or even in machine selling shops.

The quality of the sugarcane juice machine is the first consideration that determines the cost of the machine. The reliability of the machine is also another factor that determines the price. Other specifications like the speed, power consumption, and noise effects are other factors that make the prices of the machine vary.

Alternatives of the machine

Even though the sugarcane juice machine is considered very fast, efficient, durable, and even reliable, you eventually find people opting to use other methods to extract the juice. The high prices of the machine mainly lead to this, thus finding average businessmen and women cannot afford the device. This brings about the use of the traditional way of extracting the juice.


Most companies selling the sugarcane juice machine offer a warrant which is always a privilege to customers. This is a way to ensure you have bought the suitable machine of the best quality. How long you can use the device depends on how you take care of it and maintain it. A machine requires service after a specific period to ensure it is still functioning properly.


The sugarcane juice machine is the only way to reduce the energy and time required to produce the juice. The machine will fasten your production, increasing your profit after the sale. It will also ensure you serve customers with the finest juice. Source