Immigration Attorney Personality Traits of an Immigration Attorney that you Should be Looking for

Getting immigration be it family-based immigration or H1-B immigration is a lengthy and tough process. You need proper guidance from an experienced immigration attorney to get positive outcomes. But with the wrong attorney, you might end up delaying the process. So before hiring an attorney ensure that you look at these positive traits. All the points are suggested by a reputed immigration attorney from Pollak Immigration, PLLC. 

Eye for Details 

When you are applying for immigration, an attorney must be very specific with the details. An attorney needs to carefully scrutinize the application minutely so that any point is not left out or you have not made any mistakes. 

Strong Communication Skills 

An immigration attorney must have eloquent conversation skills. A legal professional with unclear speech or timidness to communicate will cause you hurdles during the application for the visa. Thus, while you are hiring an attorney, ensure they have clarity, and the skills to persuade others nameviser

Well Calculated 

There might be places where the lawyer has to be very calculative while you are applying for the visa. They might have to take a few risks if they can speculate the odds have a chance of being even. 

Upto Date 

The immigration laws and rules keep changing depending on the current affairs of the country. A good immigration attorney should be up-to-date with all the latest changes. 


You might think what does compassion have to do with immigration, often a person applying for immigration is extremely afraid, nervous, and on the verge of paranoia. While they are interacting with a client, they should be polite and address all the confusion the client is having. 

Track Record 

Before you hire a lawyer, ensure that you check their track record on their websites. Google is also a good place where you can check their track record as the rating on Google is by verified accounts. Track record will help you understand the ability of the lawyer and if their clients have got suitable results by hiring them or not. 


If you can get your hands on a lawyer who has all these characteristics, start shopping for you to stay in a new country. Immigration processes are multi-folded, and a small mistake might make you repent. Hence, be careful when you are choosing a lawyer.