If you’re a Mac User, you Must Know These Basic Photo Editing Tricks

Macs are powerful devices that are perfect for performing any computational task. According to Business Insider, besides having a powerful software-hardware combination, Macs are preferred by millions of individuals all around the globe for numerous reasons. For instance, Macs are powered by a top-tier operating system called macOS, which features exceptional features and functionalities, each of which facilitates enhancing the user’s experience. Moreover, Apple offers exceptional customer support services to users of all devices, including Macs. Hence, whether it is any task, Macs perform exceptionally well and thus are loved across the globe by millions of people.

Similarly, when it comes to editing pictures, Macs are the first choice of creative professionals, primarily because macOS not only offers top-notch editing utilities like Photos or Finder but also supports all the major advanced photo editing applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. However, irrespective of the application they use for editing a photo, macOS users should know the fundamentals of photo editing to ensure that they end with an exceptional-looking finished product. This article will shed light on some of the most useful photo editing tips and tricks following which macOS users can enhance the appearance of any picture without hassle. Let us dive right into it.

  • Resize Images

One of the most important aspects of editing a picture is resizing or cropping it since doing so significantly helps make the image look more presentable and professional. Resizing or cropping a digital picture enhances its visual appeal, adds to its overall composition, facilitates removing unnecessary visual elements, and helps emphasize the primary subject of the image. Some photo editing applications do not save the original file when the user inserts an image that requires editing. Hence, if you wish to resize an image by changing its dimensions, or cropping it, ensure that you save a copy of the image on your Mac before starting the editing process.

However, if you edit tons of photos daily, you should make sure that you delete the original versions of edited images you do not require. Doing so will ensure your Mac’s disk space does not get full quickly. Thankfully, macOS offers numerous methods following which macOS users can easily delete pictures. For starters, you can use the manual method of deleting multiple pictures, i.e., selecting them all and using the native “Delete” option to transfer them to the Trash folder. Besides this, you can also drag and drop images into the Trash folder to delete them without hassle. However, if you wish to get rid of duplicate pictures, it would be best if you use a duplicate cleaner app like Gemini. It is a powerful third-party utility that scans duplicate images on a Mac and allows users to delete them with a few clicks.

  • Adjust the Saturation and Vibrancy Levels

Once you have adjusted the picture’s composition and symmetry, you can move on to tweaking different aspects of the picture, such as its saturation or vibrancy. The main difference between a photo’s saturation and its vibrancy is that when you enhance the picture’s vibrancy, it increases its color intensity, where neutral colors are present. Moreover, increasing the vibrancy also helps maintain the intensity of brighter colors. On the other hand, when you increase a picture’s saturation, all the colors in the image become more intense. As a result, the pictures radiate a more dramatic feel. All popular macOS photo editing applications allow users to adjust a picture’s saturation levels and vibrancy. Therefore, if you wish to make sure that a picture does not appear dull, you should tweak its saturation levels and vibrancy.

  • Make Changes to the Picture’s White Balance

In the case of coloured pictures, the shades present in the pictures play a crucial role in determining how the image gets received by the audience or viewers. Hence, while editing any coloured picture, it is important to adjust the white balance of any image using the photo editor’s tools and features. Adjusting the white balance properly can work wonders for images, i.eThe right white balance can make even an unnatural or dull image look phenomenal. The majority of photographers who use Macs prefer using the RAW format for images. One of the main reasons why the RAW format is preferred over others is because editors can tweak the white balance of RAW images to a higher extent, as opposed to JPG or other image formats. All major photo editing applications, including Photoshop, Lightroom, etc., feature dedicated tools using which individuals can make changes to any picture’s white balance. If you wish to ensure that your image looks astonishing to the masses, adjust its white balance properly.

With the set of editing tools macOS supports, macOS users can easily tweak the appearance of any image by following the aforementioned effective tips mentioned above.

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