If you have acne, which one do you have to choose-Facial foam or Cleansing gel

The issue of “acne” that is almost a serious problem. troubling for everyone especially women like us that acne is ready to be on the face 24 hours a day, no holidays, which in treating acne each time takes a long time In addition to various acne treatment products It is equally important to wash your face thoroughly. But when my face has acne

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Have you ever wondered if you should use a face wash as well? “Facial foam” or “cleansing gel” will work best for your skin. And used to treat acne as quickly as possible

In fact, both of cleansing gel and facial foam can be used, but the girls have to choose according to your skin type so that the acne can be treated faster. Here, let’s go to see what kind of facial skin should to use cleansing gel or facial foam.

Dry, sensitive and sensitive skin

for the girls who have dry and sensitive skin, there are quite a lot of acne problems. Often have a lot of clogged acne. together with inflammatory acne Especially if using acne medication. or taking acne medication together It will make the skin dry, peeling and skin thinning, causing allergies and irritation easily. Should choose to use a facial cleanser. “Facial cleansing gel” that is gentle on the skin. but maintains the ability to remove dirt and oil on the skin without harming the skin More importantly, there should be some effective ingredients to help treat acne as well. Cleansing products that come with gentleness to maintain good balance of the skin. Most importantly, there must be no substances that cause irritation to the skin such as soap, perfume and alcohol.

Combination skin and oily skin

for you girls with mixed surface or oily skin There may be some clogged acne. But the main problem is the oily face problem, especially the T-zone. to the oily skin of the whole face which requires special care because of the oiliness on the face The cause of acne inflammation The selected facial cleanser should focus on cleaning to wash away excess oil. “Facial cleansing foam”, fine texture, soft and gentle on the skin. To control it effectively from the washing process. with cleaning agents that are effective in reducing acne problems at the same time

You know that right? that our skin should use a cleansing gel or good cleansing foam Therefore, before buying, you must choose well. Our face will be beautiful, clear face, healthy skin.

How to use the cleansing gel correctly

To use the cleansing gel Should squeeze the gel to mix with a little water on your hands before applying to the wet face and washing your face properly. should be washed twice The first round washes quickly. Gently knead, should not exceed 5-10 seconds, to quickly wash off dirt, rinse with water, not much, followed by a second rinse. That should not take more than 10-20 seconds to gently massage, then rinse with plenty of water.

Tips : If you want a clear face, go away from acne

Choose a facial cleanser to suit your skin type : After wiping your face with cleansing The next step is to wash your face with a foam or gel cleanser. It is important to choose a facial cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. because if the choice is not appropriate It may cause the skin to lose balance. and may cause acne

After washing your face, wipe it with a tissue: it is best to use a tissue to wipe or blot with water after washing your face. Because we don’t wash towels or change towels every day. This makes towels a breeding ground for bacteria that cause acne.

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