How to Take Care of a Pregnant Dog?

Pets need a lot of loving care and attention, and that loving and affection needs to double when your pet is pregnant. This article is all about how you can take care of your pregnant pet dog.

There are a vast array of things that need to be taken care of when your dog is pregnant, but below mentioned are things that are a must for a pregnant dog:

  • During pregnancy, dogs need a different diet that is more nutritious. Many vets recommend puppy food and homemade food because these kinds of food are high in nutrients. A grown dog might like the change in its food type, but while introducing a shift in diet, make sure you are making minor changes. You can mix the puppy food or homemade food with the food they usually eat and gradually increase the amount.
  • Vaccination is essential because mother dogs can transfer their viruses to puppies. It is best to get all the vital vaccinations done before pregnancy.You need to discuss this with your vet if vaccines are due for your pregnant dog because you should try to avoid any kind of medication during the pregnancy period.
  • Like viruses, pregnant dogs can also pass on deworming, and flea protection should be done before your dog’s pregnancy. But, it would be best if you didn’t deworm your dog while pregnant. If you have missed out on deworming your pet dog, make sure you discuss it with your vet.
  • When dogs are pregnant, they need some light exercise, and heavy practice should be avoided. Simple walks or trolls during the evening or when you wake up in the morning is best.

The emergency kit you need to prepare for your pregnant dog:

There are several things you need to take care of your pregnant dog. Below mentioned are a few of the most important things, and they are:

  • A digital thermometer
  • Absorbent, disposable pads
  • Disposable exam gloves
  • Hand towels
  • Washcloths
  • Antiseptic
  • Rubbing alcohol

Three basic signs of labor in a dog are:

  • XX hours before birth — nesting
  • 24 hours before delivery — their temperature drops below 100-degree Fahrenheit
  • 6 to 12 hours before — pacing, panting, vomiting, and digging

Last but not least, when your dog is pregnant, it is good to have dog insurance NZ. This is because you will be making several visits to your vet before and after pregnancy, and there can be a pile of medical bills. Having dog insurance NZ can benefit greatly, even if it doesn’t cover the pregnancy and birthing itself.

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It is advantageous if you already have pet insurance NZ for your furry baby because any conditions that may arise after pregnancy won’t be considered pre-existing – pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by insurance. Just make sure that your premiums are paid on time as a policyholder.If your pet insurance NZ has expired, renew it ASAP.

For pet parents, taking care of a pregnant dog is challenging, but with proper guidance, nothing is impossible.

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