How to Set Up Our Door Screen With Magnets

Congratulations! You’ve just bought the Flux Phenom doorway screen with magnets. It’s not complicated to install and once it’s in place, you will find it has many advantages over traditional screen doors. But how does it work? Here you will find a few tips for installing your new purchase so you can get started enjoying the freedom of a hands-free doorway screen.

Install Your Door Screen in Seven Easy Steps

1. Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Before you begin, lay out the screen on a table or the ground. Line up the magnets to ensure they‘re aligned and connect properly. The package also includes a roll of sticky tape with Velcro on one side as well as thumb tacks for securing your new screen to the doorway. If everything looks good, proceed to the next step.

2. Clean the Surface of Your Doorway

You’ll want to make sure your doorway is clean of dust, dirt, or anything else that might make the adhesive of your sticky tape less effective. Rubbing alcohol is a good option for this. Take a rag and scrub all surfaces where you will be applying tape. Allow it to dry and you’re ready to go.

3. Position the Screen in the Doorway

At this point, you should hold up your screen in the doorway to simulate how it will look when attached. The bottom of the screen should be ¼ inch off of the floor or ground. If it’s longer, you can fold the extra length back and use binder clips or another type of fastener to secure it. Additionally, you can sew the folded edges together for a more permanent hold. The same is true if the screen is too wide for your doorway. For further assistance, there are videos online that will show you how to do this.

4. Apply the Adhesive Tape To The Door Frame

Now that your screen is properly sized, unroll the sticky tape and connect it around the frame of your doorway. Measure and cut the tape into strips for the top and side sections. Press down firmly on the tape so every point of it is pulled tight and flush with the door frame. The Velcro side of the tape should be facing out and will connect with the Velcro on edges of the screen door.

5. Connect the Door To the Velcro Tape

To make things easier, measure the top of your door and make a small mark in the center. This will help you as you connect the door to the Velcro tape. Line up the opening of the screen door with the center mark you just made, then press down all around the sides to ensure good connection with the Velcro tape. The two halves of the door should fit together seamlessly and the magnets will connect and reconnect in place every time someone walks through it. There should be no loose areas and both sides of the door should hang to the same length.

6. Use the Thumb Tacks for Added Stability

You can also use thumb tacks to give the edges of your door extra holding power with the Velcro tape. Push them through the Velcro tape along the edges of the frame or use a hammer to ensure they are fully secure. It’s not a requirement to use both. If you have a wooden door frame and want to use the tacks alone, it’s no problem. Space out the tacks about five to six inches apart. Just as the tacks are fine to use alone, so is the Velcro tape. If your door frame is metal or another type of material that would be difficult to use with tacks, don’t worry, they aren’t necessary, just an added option.

7. Test Your Magnetic Door Screen

Now that your screen is hung up and secure, try it out! You can walk through it and the magnetic edges of the doorway should fall back into place after you pass through. If it doesn’t close securely, check your work and make the necessary adjustments. How does it look? It should be sleek as the edges of the door sit flush against the edges of your door frame.

Your Door Screen Is Installed!

Having a doorway screen with magnets gives you the ability to enjoy the benefits of sunshine and fresh air without worrying about bugs and other nuisances that come with an open door to the outside. The screen is made with a heavy-duty mesh, so it can withstand year-round weather. However, if you do need to take it down, it’s easy to remove and store until you’re ready to set it up again.

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