How To Record Sound For A Movie?

The audio of a movie is of paramount importance. After all, it is the audio that keeps the audience engrossed in a movie. The background music of a movie is vital for conveying the mood and emotions of the scene.

Recording solutions, like using software to record sounds for a movie, can be really helpful. Recording software is easy to use, and it makes your life easy.

However, even if you are using recording solutions like recording software, you need to know some tricks and tips to record the sound properly.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Recording The Audio For A Movie

Pay Key Attention To The Volume

The volume at which you record the audio is of vital importance. It is always advisable to keep the recording level at -6 to -12 decibels. If you go beyond this range, it could lead to undue distortion in the recorded sound.

However, anything lower than the range of -6 to -12 decibels is also bad. If you record at very low levels, then it will lead to noise. Noise means all the background sound that is not part of what you intend to record. So if you are not a very experienced sound artist or if you do not have recording solutions that can modulate the loudness levels, you should stick to -6 to -12 decibels.

Learn About The Different Types Of Microphones

A microphone is a device that converts one type of energy (sound) into another type of energy (electrical). However, there are many types of microphones that are available. Some common types are the shotgun type and the lavalier type.

However, if you are recording the sound for a movie, you will most likely use the shotgun type of microphone. A shotgun microphone is good if you want to record audio from a distance.

If you are shooting for a documentary movie, a Lavalier-type microphone can be a good option, as they are small and easy to use.

It is not enough to know about the different types of microphones. You should also be an expert at positioning the device correctly.

Learn How To Use The Recording Equipment

Recording the audio for a movie will require you to know about the basic functioning of all the recording equipment. Although the microphone is crucial, you must also learn about the boom pole, the recorder, etc.

Modern smartphones provide easy recording solutions where you just need to know how to use the recorder application. However, if you want good quality work, you must invest in more elaborate equipment.

Capture Sound Effects

Audio recording for a movie can be broadly divided into two types. The first type is dialogue recording, and the second is background music recording. The background music is largely composed of sound effects like the sounds of people clapping and leaves rustling.

So whenever you find an opportune moment during the shoot, you should capture as many sound effects as possible.


Recording the sound for a movie is no easy feat. It requires a lot of research and professional expertise. You must pay attention to the background noise, the loudness levels, etc. Apart from this, you will have to learn about all the equipment used. So if you are not an expert, hiring an audio expert is always a good idea.

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