How to prepare for the APO exam?

Being an assistant prosecutor officer is an excellent career opportunity to help others while advancing your professional and personal goals. The APO exam is one of the final goals of becoming an assistant prosecutor. Becoming an assistant prosecutor is a great way to directly impact the criminal justice system.

You will have the opportunity to work directly with law enforcement, research and investigate cases, assist with legal proceedings, and much more. Becoming an assistant prosecutor requires at least a bachelor’s degree and often master’s or doctorate degrees in criminal justice or related fields.

The exam for becoming an assistant prosecutor will test your knowledge of substantive topics such as legal ethics, constitutional law, evidence, criminal procedure, and many more topics relating to being an assistant prosecutor. This article will give you all the information about the study areas you need to focus on and how to prepare for the exam. You must study and practice diligently to pass the assistant prosecutor exam.

Make sure you are eligible for the exam

While preparing for the APO exam, ensure you’re eligible to take it. Many employers have minimum requirements, such as a bachelor’s degree and two years of legal experience. Make sure you meet these requirements before spending money on test prep materials. You may also consider taking the exam in a different state than where you currently work. Suppose you work in a jurisdiction and want to apply to become an assistant prosecutor in the same jurisdiction. In that case, you may want to take the exam in a neighbouring jurisdiction to get a fresh perspective.

Strategies to crack the APO exam

Focus on the law part more

The majority of the prelims is covered by the law, and the rest, 50 percent, is for other subjects. Therefore you need to focus more of your study hours on law subjects.

Current affairs

Current affairs is another important study area where you need to focus more. You can take monthly lectures, magazines or tests online and offline current affairs to ensure you score the maximum in this subject. You must read one or two good reputed newspapers daily to cover recent case laws and landmark subjects.

Focus on legal concepts

As we all know, various logical and critical law terms exist. Therefore you need a clear understanding of these terms and concepts to clear this exam.

Avoid multiple sources

It is advised to stick to only selective materials till the end of your preparation instead of burdening yourself with multiple study materials.

Practise mock tests

As we all are aware of that, there are various websites available that provide you with free mock tests. Therefore it is advised to practise as many mock tests as possible to clearly understand the subject-related question and know your strengths and weaknesses.

Stay confident and positive

It is one of the important practices that one must practice every day to crack any exam. A positive approach with confidence can help you pass any academic or life exams.

Strategies for answering multiple choice questions

First, ensure you answer the entire question rather than just the first part. That first part is generally meant to trick you. You want to make sure you understand the entire question before answering it. Next, you want to ensure you read all the answers before eliminating any. You may miss something crucial if you jump to an answer without reading all of them.

You also want to make sure you’re reading each answer carefully. You want to ensure you answer the entire question rather than just the first part. You also want to avoid generalisations as much as possible. You want to ensure you answer the question as directly as possible.

Learn the fundamentals of legal English and processes

The APO exam will test your knowledge of legal English, which differs from regular English. Make sure you know the difference between legal and regular English. You also need to be familiar with the processes and procedures that occur in a courtroom and with the roles of judges, attorneys, and other courtroom personnel. You’ll need to be able to understand the language used in legal documents and be able to properly cite your sources when writing research papers.


The exam for becoming an assistant prosecutor is challenging and will test your knowledge of substantive law and legal English. You need to be prepared for this exam if you want to become an assistant prosecutor. It’s recommended that you start studying for this exam early and build your vocabulary, learn the fundamentals of legal English, and review substantive law. These are three things you can do to help prepare for the exam.

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