How To Make Use of YouTube to increase your blog’s Traffic

Would you like to establish another independent, reliable source of traffic for your blog?

YouTube can be an excellent option, and here’s the reason:

It’s a great fit for nearly any blog and in almost any field and won’t cost you a dime. 

YouTube isn’t a typical marketing channel. Instead, it’s an online publication platform. That means you have to develop content to post on YouTube to establish your online presence.

However, you can make money from it. You can also get free views with GoViral.

The potential for traffic generation is immense due to YouTube’s built-in audiences.

1. Always be sure to accompany your blog post with an accompanying video

The first step is to create content that you can publish on YouTube. As I’ve already said, YouTube is a publishing platform. If you don’t regularly add content, you cannot grow your following or increase traffic to your channel.

Don’t get me wrong:

This post is about nothing more than creating a thriving YouTube channel but rather one that’s effective enough to earn money. This will require an ongoing job, and most people who read this article have one.

This article is about creating a YouTube presence that will help your primary site and generate additional visitors.

If you want to expand your YouTube channel, this article can give you some suggestions, but it won’t be enough.

Where should you begin?

It is a good idea to record a short video each time you write an article.

It’s much easier than you imagine.

The days are gone when you had to learn the latest techniques or download costly software to make videos. Nowadays, video production is accessible to everyone, and there is no need for a huge budget.

2. Make sure you optimize your YouTube profile to be optimized for Google

There’s a compelling reason to improve the performance of your YouTube video site for organic Google: It’s straightforward to make a YouTube-hosted video to rank on the organic search results of Google.

YouTube rankings could be unidentified: It’s impossible to discern YouTube ranking indicators. Furthermore, it is highly personal (you recommend completely non-related content according to your previous viewing habits and individual preferences). However, Google rankings are still very predictable. When it comes to YouTube, they need only minimal effort.

  • It would help if you had a searchable keyword (with some volume of searches and not overly competitive)
  • Including that word in the title of your video page is necessary.
  • You must write unique content for the video’s description.

3. Include clickable links on your video page.

Video creators were once capable of creating clickable links within their videos on their approved websites. These days, they are no longer. YouTube has tightened up its guidelines to the point where it’s impossible to get this privilege, particularly if you’re either a brand new or a part-time publisher of videos.

There are two sites to which you can link:

  • Your video description. The beginning 150 characters in your description will appear immediately underneath your video, just before clicking the “More” click, so it’s recommended to add your link to your article there.
  • Your comment pinned: Video creators can always pin any of their video comments to be top of the line. It’s not unusual (or not viewed as acceptable) when you are one of the creators who put up their comments. When you pin a comment that contains clickable links, be sure that it’s accessible when you sign out from YouTube (check it using another browser). Sometimes YouTube might conceal comments containing external links, particularly from newer accounts. In the event of this happening, you should include your link in the description of the video.

4. Keep track of your development

This is crucial since you need to know which techniques have worked. You must develop your distinctive style and method, and there’s only one method to achieve this: keep a close watch on your results.

As time passes, you’ll notice some indicators of the areas you should focus on away from your YouTube statistics.

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