How to Get New Business Clients with Facebook Ads

With over 2.91 billion users, Facebook has become the biggest hub where people connect and grow with each other. With more and more people joining the community and enjoying the real-time benefits of social media, the real power of Facebook has still not been utilised by a large portion of people. Apart from bringing our people closer to us, Facebook has outperformed itself by supporting people across the globe in growing their businesses and creating better and far-reaching opportunities for them. 

Why Facebook Ads?

When it comes to expanding your businesses, Facebook ads have great potential. The amount of engagement, number of likes, and comments indeed are great boosters and add on seamlessly to the marketing strategies without creating a lot of hype about the investments and expenditure. Many popular brands have been using Facebook Ads as a way to expand their market, but have they been doing so correctly? Especially when people come to this place to lighten their mood by clicking on the pictures of their relatives and friends? Imagine yourself watching a movie in a multiplex when suddenly an advertisement pops up and disrupts the flow and the tempo of the movie? 

Facebook ads might actually behave the same way when it comes to promotion of your brand or increasing your presence as a page. Nobody wishes to see an ad when they are not looking for it. Ads might actually compel someone either to buy something, or if not planned and executed properly, they can create a dislike in someone’s mind. 

However, if we are aware of the Hows and Whys, we can target the audience in a much more effective and broader manner. 

How to Get New Clients?

To find the answer to this question, read the pointers below:

  • Social media makes it easy

Quite often, the upcoming brands and small businesses go unnoticed if they run their websites and do not work on the marketing side. Facebook Ads help them in getting noticed, as people spend a large portion of their time on Facebook, and this ultimately increases the connectivity and engagement.

Social media is creating a new space for marketing in this world where the fight of brands and businesses are growing. With Facebook, becoming a prime example you can understand the power of social media platforms quite easily. Facebook likes are sometimes becoming the difference between a successful brand and not so successful brand. It is helping the customers to come close to the brands. If you get Facebook likes from the targeted niche then you can always boom successfully as a brand quite easily, without any doubt. It works for every brand mostly.

  • Use the custom feature to gather the same kind of audience

It is understandable that all the people of different age groups might not be interested in the products or services you are offering. Therefore, as soon as your ad pops up in the notification, they might diverge away due to the disconnect. Businesses have this unique feature of creating custom and lookalike audiences for identifying the right kind of clients suitable for your business. Using the custom audience feature of Facebook Ads, the target audience can be reached out based on their activity and behaviour. This, in turn, generates sales by recovering old customers, building new links with new customers, and giving invitations to people to take a look at their services.  

  • Set up a clear goal and the expected budget for the sales

A clear marketing strategy implies setting your goals straight, and the most important thing to consider during that process is chalking out your budget. There is no end to expenditure when you are marketing your product to attract new clients, but drawing a line somewhere would make you survive in the long run. Facebook recommends different budget options depending upon the goal you choose. There are a lot of free ad makers available to keep the budget under control. This will help your ad compete against other ads of the same category and let you get through this complex process easily. 

  • Your creation speaks it all

In the end, what everyone is looking for is something that is interesting and capable of motivating the customers to buy the product or the service you offer. So, always make sure that the content you deliver through Facebook Ads is exciting for the clients and has that magic to hold on and diverge their attention to this new concept.  Needless to say, the graphics and the content must be in sync with each other, and all the details must be short, crisp, and to the point. Also, the start and the finish must be such that the clients need to ask for more, and this is the time when you can promise them more if they consider investing in your business venture. 

  • Giving the customers a clear picture of what you offer

Good Facebook Ads are indeed a great way to give the customers a personalised touch. They might end up clicking on your ad, and as soon as they do so, they may find the process time-consuming because what you promised was not delivered. The Facebook Ads must be targeted in such a way that the clients reach a dedicated landing page where they find solutions to their problems. The landing page must be designed in such a way that it keeps the focus of the customers from the start till the end and does compel them to come, visit, and stick to the page and its offerings. 


To conclude, here are some of the best Facebook advertising tips to help you, especially if you are a beginner. 

  • Facebook Canvas Ads are an impressive way to engage with the customers. Approximately 53% users open Facebook Canvas Ads and spend an approx 31 seconds of their time over the ad.
  • Carousel ads, again, are another level of customised ads to deliver multiple things at the same place.
  • Make use of the page post engagement ads and make the maximum number of people engage with your posts and ads. 
  • Facebook GIF is an upper-level marketing idea and invokes curiosity in the minds of the clients.
  • Get the right kind of audience by experimenting with lookalike audiences.
  • Optimising your ad to create that perfect ad campaign will be a great helper.

Altogether, the point here is to make your Facebook ads so descriptive and creative that it literally forces the clients to go and have a look. Also, strategising the key areas and maintaining the rhythm of the content by doing everything just in place would surely bring the desired outcome. If you research well before jumping into this arena, it will save a great deal of your time and resources. In the end, it’s all related to the algorithm, and the one who understands it better nails it!

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