How to Design and Build the Perfect Shower Room

Having a spa-like showering space is currently one of the most popular bathroom remodelling ideas. Some people dedicate entire rooms to it, while others choose to fit it in the corner of a large bathroom. Whether you are creating a whole new space or you’re planning to refurbish an existing one, you will surely find value in the following tips that will help you design and build a perfect shower room.

Match Wall and Floor Tiles

If you play around with the use of matching floor and wall tiles, you can transform the space by creating an illusion of a more spacious room, and at the same time, your shower room will keep a contemporary look. And if you’re really interested in making the room look bigger, you should go for high-gloss tiles that provide a better reflection of the light. Finding the right combination of colour and design is one of the most important segments of remodelling, as the tiles are the ideal chance for you to make a statement and express your taste.

Get New Shower Heads

Choosing the right showerhead should not be a rushed decision, as there are many factors to consider when it comes to its functionality and style. Generally speaking, shower heads come in two categories: wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted. Wall-mounted heads are easier to install, while the ceiling-mounted ones, also known as rain-style, tend to be more complex and expensive since they require additional plumbing. Even though there is additional expense involved, many people stick to ceiling-mounted heads because they find their rain-like effect soothing. On the other hand, some users claim that the water pressure is often not strong enough, and opt for the other variety.

Install a Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower is another component that can make a small room look more open and spacious. However, the idea works best when you dedicate a decent amount of space to the shower cubicle, but you should only do that if you determine that a large cubicle will not compromise the rest of the room. In fact, if your bathroom space is at a premium, you can make the cubicle long and narrow, or wide and shallow, with a centrally positioned shower head. That way, you will keep the feeling of a roomy and luxurious area.

Pick the Right Door-Type

When it comes to shower entrances, there are three main options you can get: sliding doors, pivot doors with hinges, or open space without the doors. While a pivot door is more of a traditional option used in most bathrooms, having a sliding door installed is an excellent choice if you want to maximize the use of a small space. And if you’re mostly attracted to the concept of having no door at all, first check whether the shower head angle works well with the floor slope so you don’t risk flooding the room after each use.

Create a Seating Space

Shower rooms are all about comfort and relaxation, and making space for seating is an easy task that will add lots of practicality to the room. The best way to do so is the pick a functional bench that you can use to place different items or to just sit down and relax while the water massages you with its flow. Moreover, a bench can be very helpful to people who struggle with strength and balance. When it comes to materials, it is best to choose a slab finish for the bench, ideally made of quartz or marble, instead of tiling its top since the grout lines are not at all comfortable to sit on. You can also choose between freestanding benches that you can easily move around or built-in solutions that will give the area a more luxurious appeal.

Include Lighting

Lighting is a big component of any bathroom’s ambience, and if you have a separate shower space, it should have its own lighting fixtures, too. Of course, the fixtures must be properly protected from water, and that is why most people opt for a recessed lighting arrangement which is easy to seal from moisture. If you decide to go for any other option, make sure it is intended to be used in damp locations and protected with a trim that blocks water from getting inside. Also, if there is going to be a chance of splashing, get a light that is rated to withstand condensation and spray.

Building a shower room is an amazing way to efficiently use the space in a small bathroom, or to create an entirely separate space with a luxurious spa-like appeal. Whichever way you decide to go, once you implement the ideas you’ve just learned about, you will be able to design a wonderful area where you can relax and unwind.

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