How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Before deciding on a wedding venue

  • Decide with the groom how many guests will be invited to the wedding.
  • Decide what your celebration will be like. A family dinner in a cozy hall or a large-scale open-air party? Choose a location based on your answer.

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  • In what format will the dinner be organized? Will guests be seated at tables, or are you planning a buffet party? You can use a simple task management tool to write down those ideas. We love Trello, but you can pick up other handy Trello alternatives to use add-ons like Calendars or Priorities.
  • What is the expected weather on the wedding day? If it’s snowing, windy, or raining, an open area is unlikely to be suitable (or you will need to worry about a tent in advance).

Main site selection criteria

The number of invited guests – the area of ​​​​the room must correspond to the number of participants. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that a wedding is not only a banquet but also an entertainment program that includes competitions and dances. Therefore, there should be enough space. 

The wedding budget – it should allow you to pay for the rent of the provided premises and its design. In the case of hiring service personnel, you’ll also pay for their services.

If the organization arranges wedding banquets, then there must be reviews from previous clients. Knowing them will make your decision easier. 

Before entering into a wedding venue rental agreement, the newlyweds should make sure that there is convenient parking nearby, as well as the availability and serviceability of common areas. It is also necessary to consult with the administration about their existing restrictions and prohibitions.

Choosing a venue for a themed wedding

For a wedding in a classic style, the banquet hall of a luxurious hotel, which can provide the full range of required services, will be an ideal place for a wedding celebration.

Renting a country cottage for a small wedding would also be a perfect idea.

If the celebration is planned for the summer period, then the choice of wedding venues increases significantly. To organize an open-air wedding, any picturesque corner with a beautiful view of a lake, a river, or a forest glade is suitable.

The main advantages of this type of venue are the natural living decor of the wedding, beautiful photos, a lot of fresh air, and space.  The only trouble that may lie in wait for the participants of the event is the bad weather, which, however, is quite easy to fix by installing banquet tents. And one more important point – the organizers will have to take care of the arrangement of common areas.

Celebration in nature is ideal for eco, rustic, or boho weddings, as well as for a wedding in a medieval style. 

For themed events in luxurious and romantic styles, you can rent ceremonial halls or specialized wedding venues.

Loft-style wedding venues

Currently, the popularity of stylish urban weddings in the loft style is only increasing. In many cities, there is the possibility of renting former industrial buildings or art galleries. Why not, you can also put in practice your photography skills and decorate the walls with your own themed photos.

The advantages of a loft-style wedding are lower rental costs than in a restaurant or hotel and spacious rooms. Among the shortcomings, one can note the already formed interior of the room, under which the newlyweds will have to adjust their wedding. However, you can decorate the wedding venue with original and stylish decorations of your choice. 

A creative approach to choosing a wedding venue

Modern newlyweds are looking for more and more original ways to organize wedding venues. Today, you can organize an outdoor wedding ceremony almost anywhere, for example:

  • A wedding on an airplane is an original way to hold a wedding ceremony. And even places for guests are already provided. A wedding banquet can be organized in the old hangar.
  • The roof of a house or terrace is a very romantic way to get closer to the sky. The night ceremony will look especially fabulous.
  • You can climb even higher if you organize a ceremony on the observation deck built on top of the mountain. The newlyweds and their guests will have an unforgettable experience.
  • And even an old library can serve as a unique interior for a wedding venue.

Wedding abroad

Weddings held abroad are also very popular with young couples, and there is nothing strange about that. Unusual wedding traditions and the exotic nature of other countries are extremely interesting and attractive. In addition, this is a great way to combine a honeymoon trip and a marriage ceremony. 

Tips for choosing a venue for a wedding

Visit the location several times

It is impossible to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the site the first time, so feel free to visit the potential wedding venue as many times as necessary. Come along with the contractors who will handle the design and filming of your day. They will help evaluate the light, appearance and consider potential zoning.

Talk to the venue manager personally 

As far as he knows the menu, the schedule of the waiters, how ready he is to answer any questions, select all the parameters of the site individually for you; how punctual, friendly and polite is he? If something in his behavior alarms you, reconsider your decision again – you definitely don’t need to conflict with the site administrator during the preparation process.

Keep your budget in mind

Since locations with in-house catering will charge a price-per-plate, it’s more than just how much renting the venue will cost you.  Adding decorations and flowers will up the price as well. Be aware of your overall spending limit and the approximation of the cost to complete your design. You will either have to reduce the scope of your design or hunt for more reasonably priced venues if combining that to the cost of renting the area will make you bankrupt. 

Decompose your total budget by group, putting more money toward providers who have a greater priority. Use data visualization tools to clearly see and understand the breakdown of your potential costs.

Make a plan B

If you’ve booked an outdoor venue, be sure to have a back-up plan in case it rains or gets cold. Find out whether it is possible to rent an awning or a tent, whether it is possible to install heaters on the site, and prepare a spare location for a photo session.

Music, entertainment, a good toastmaster, interior, and decoration can disappoint guests if the banquet part turns out to be unsuccessful, which is why such an important detail should be thought out with special attention. Decide on the list of requirements and budget, entrust the choice to professionals who work in agencies and have experience, consider options suitable for the location in advance and agree on service, and try dishes from the kitchen. If you fulfill all these conditions, then organizing a wedding will be much easier. And if this article got you thinking about starting your own business in the bridal niche, we invite you to read this article on starting your own business

Make sure for starting your own business you need to have consultation with any consultants in this sphere or hire a business plan consultant for your new business.

However, make your wedding in original ways. It is the day you should remember by the end of your life.

Be safe and with love !

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