How should I plan my outdoor movie event in 2023?

To make the most of socially isolated events, we outline how to plan the ideal pop-up outdoor cinema.

Open-air theaters and drive-through theaters have grown in popularity over the past year as options for people who want to continue attending events while restrictions are in place. More open-air theaters and “Drive-Thru Cinemas” are opening up all over the UK as regulations are being relaxed.

A fun and enjoyable way to enjoy a movie or series with your friends and family while taking in the fresh air is at an outdoor theater. However, putting together a successful outdoor cinema event takes a lot of planning and coordination. Therefore, we have made the decision to create a thorough guide on how to set up your own outdoor cinema event!

  1. Write An Event Summary

Identifying the precise goal of your event is the first step in planning your own outdoor cinema hire for your event (or any event, for that matter). This makes it possible for you to establish a reasonable budget and provides you with a solid foundation for planning any aspect of the event, which we will discuss later.

Start by making a short list:

  • What is the event’s purpose?
  • How many people will be at your outdoor movie event?
  • What kind of audience are you hoping to see? Those over the age of 18 or those who are family-oriented?
  • Do you have to hold the event in a particular location?
  • Are you looking to rent a location for the event?
  • Do you offer any other services, such as catering or other entertainment, at your event?
  • Is there enough room for you to hold the event in accordance with COVID regulations?
  • This quick checklist will help you determine how big your Outdoor Cinema Event needs to be, which will help you in the following stage of setting a budget.
  1. Establish a budget for your outdoor movie night.

Now that you are crystal clear on the goal of your outdoor cinema event, the first step in actual preparation is to determine your available budget. You can create constraints to work around this by doing so.

You need to know which requirements for your event are definitely necessary and which can be modified to fit your budget and, of course, take additional safety precautions.

You probably already have an idea of how much you want to spend on an Outdoor Cinema event, but it’s advisable to gather quotes from businesses in each relevant field to get the most accurate budget (if you’ve never done this before).

  • Hiring an Event Space:Request rental rates from venues and landowners.
  • Hire an outdoor movie screen by contacting companies for prices.
  • Transportation:Do you offer guests transportation or do they arrange for their own travel there? Request a price from a logistics provider.
  • Catering Needs:Will you be offering catering for your visitors? What standard would you like your catering to be at?
  • Health and safety:advisors want to make sure that nobody is put in danger.
  • Are there any other shows or attractions available on top of the movie screen?

Once more, take into account the audience you will be serving, as this will affect the services you offer. If it is 18+, for instance, you should concentrate more on the catering portion of your event. You might wish to think about providing family-friendly activities if the event is family-friendly.

Contacting an event management firm like ours, which offers many services under one roof and collaborates with other providers to give you access to the lowest costs available, may prove to be considerably more cost-effective.

Consider your priorities and the priorities of your visitors when establishing your budget. Always keep your visitors’ demands in mind; they won’t want to spend money on an Outdoor Cinema Event with subpar audio and visuals.

Be sure to always account for the amount of guests you anticipate, leaving adequate room for everyone to enjoy the movie. To prevent any disappointments, it’s wise to carry a little extra.

  1. Select A Location: Where Will Your Outdoor Cinema Event Be Hosted?

Any outdoor cinema hire for your event must be located carefully in order to be successful; this is of the utmost importance.

Always pick a grand venue that your audience can go to and that can accommodate the number of attendees. Browse through Hiring:

  • Land near a lake
  • The countryside’s land
  • A beach, a boat, or perhaps a sizable stately home!

Always bear in mind the movie you are showing; for more effect, you may always pick a setting that goes with it! If you were viewing a Batman movie, for instance, you may pick a spot with a view of a metropolis.

Remember that you must obtain a public performance license before selecting a venue for your outdoor cinema event.

  1. Make your outdoor cinema event space unique.

Consider how you might wish to customize the area once you’ve chosen it!

Many of our clients choose to select a theme that goes with the movie they are showing, like a James Bond theme. Others favor picking a creative and entertaining theme, such as the 1960s, which is ideal for Drive-Thru Cinema Screening events.

Make a list of your decorating suggestions and pick just a few to implement. Choose a concept that will make your event exciting and wild!

Always keep adding extras in mind, such as interactive entertainment, live performances, music, and activities.

Finally, you might want to think about incorporating a “fancy dress” component into your outdoor cinema event; hold a best-dressed contest with prizes for the winner(s).

  1. Choose a date for your outdoor movie screening.

The date you choose for your outdoor cinema event is quite important. To organize and prepare your event, you need ample time. Additionally, you should be careful while selecting dates because you probably want the weather to be on your favor!

A day and hour that will allow your guests to attend your outdoor cinema event should be chosen while choosing the date.

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