How is the Rafale Decision Going to Influence India and Its Worldwide Relations?

The Rafale deal is causing waves in India’s international relations. While the French companies will provide the jets, the BJP slammed Congress for peddling lies. They also blamed corporate rivalry in France for the allegations. What are the ramifications of the deal? Let’s consider some of the possible consequences.

Worldwide Relations:

The decision will undoubtedly affect the future of India-France relations. The French government will want to maintain a strategic alliance with India, and Rafale is an important element of this. The Indian government will want to make sure that this relationship is as strong as possible, and this will benefit both sides. For now, the BJP wants France to continue being an entry point for Indian defense and security policies.


The Rafale decision is already affecting India-France relations. The French government has stepped up its efforts to gain leverage over India in the deal. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, was the French prime minister when the deal was made. During this time, the two countries were forced to sign an offset agreement that required Dassault to provide 4 billion euros in contracts to Indian firms. These agreements were meant to help the local economy.