How Freezer Spacers Can Save Your Energy and Money?

While conducting a study on solutions for energy efficiency by a company based in California, it came to light that warehouses that deal with cold storage and freezer are maximum consumers of electrical energy in the USA.

More than seventy percent of their electrical energy bills are used on running their refrigeration and freezer units. Typically, these industries are consuming between 40 and 60 kWh/square foot of their floor space almost every year which is a substantial amount of electrical energy consumption.

So, if you are involved in this business then this report can be an eye-opener for you!

However, you cannot afford to look at this report helplessly but must act soon. At least you must think of using only such equipment that is more energy efficient. For instance, use freezer spacers offered by Top Industries which is a well-known US-based company that supplies pallet inverters and many other solutions for warehouses.

How pallet inverters can help?

As you must be aware that pallet inverters are mostly used in most warehouses and are meant for turning over various pallets that are loaded with certain stacked products. By using such a pallet inverter, removal of your freezer spacers from your stacked pallet can become a breeze!

Pallet freezer spacers and inverters

If you have selected the right machine and equipment in your cold storage warehouse then you can retrieve your freezer spacers when your boxed product loads have been in frozen condition within a few seconds.

A pallet inverter and a freezer spacer can be a perfect combination to make your cold storage operation simple and easy and also at the same time you can save a lot of electrical energy too.

Faster and safer handling

Using the above combination that we have just mentioned above can automate your process from what you have been doing manually till now and as a result, consume a lot of electrical energy too.

Now with this combination of equipment, you will get the following benefits:

  1. No need to spend more time in manual heavy lifting.
  2. No more risk of dropping or damaging your products and causing injuries to your workers
  3. Operation becomes much faster compared to previous manual re-stacking.

Using pallet freezer spacers and inverters

After your products have been frozen, you may either repack the pallet completely or use a pallet changer/inverter to pick up the pallet and quickly remove the freezer spacers.

Now go for efficient and safe handling in the following ways

  1. Reload your products before entering pharmaceutical or food facilities
  2. Replace your defective pallets or any damaged products from your stack
  3. Exchange pallets with some other types like wood, plastic, metal
  4. Exchange pallets with some other sizes like euro, half-euro, etc
  5. Pull defective pallets out of your automated workflows in warehouses
  6. Keep only company-owned pallets and prefer to ship rental pallets
  7. Freezer spacer pallets can easily be handled

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