The Indian government issues the shramik card, which is a work card. Workers in the unorganised sector can utilise it to apply for social security benefits. The information about migrant workers and their families is kept on file.

Since its launch in 2015, the shramik card has improved the conditions for migrant labourers  all over India. They were able to access necessary services and entitlements because the card gave them a legitimate form of identity.

The card contains details about the migrant worker, including name, address, date of birth, and photo. It also contains information about the worker’s prior working history and social security contributions.

The shramik card is a vital instrument for making sure that workers in the unorganised sector have access to necessary benefits like pensions and health insurance.

The shramik card is a straightforward yet effective instrument that aids in ensuring the rights and welfare of migrant workers.


The Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, issues the distinctive identification card known as the “Shramik Card.” Benefits of the Shramik Card are numerous and diverse.

The government-issued card provides employees with a number of benefits, such as access to social security programmes, health insurance, and the option to create a bank account.

Discounts on healthcare, education, and transportation are just a few of the advantages of having a shramik card. The card also provides other advantages including access to government plans and services.

For migrant labourers in India, the shramik card is a crucial document that can aid to better their lives and means of subsistence.

The shramik card is therefore a useful tool for both employees and employers, and it is assisting in bettering working conditions throughout India.


Every migrant worker in India needs a shramik card, which is a crucial document. It makes certain that the employee has all of their legal rights and privileges and gives them access to vital services.

A shramik card can be obtained through a straightforward application process.

The employee must initially compile the necessary paperwork. A photo ID, address verification, and employment verification are a few of these.

The employee will need to complete an application form once all of these documents have been gathered. Both online and at each district office of the Ministry of Labor, the form is accessible.

The form needs to be filled out and submitted along with the necessary paperwork. The employee will receive their shramik card in the mail after their application has been processed.


For migrant workers to receive the program’s many advantages, they must have an E-Shramik card. The e-Shramik card makes sure that the receiving state government officials don’t ask the migrant worker for any documents. The e-Shramik card contains all of the migrant worker’s personal data, including name, age, gender, address, and family members. The migrant worker may use the e-Shramik card as an identity card. The e-Shramik card will assist in obtaining job as well as other essential necessities like food and housing.

Just like shramik card, ration card is another important document in India. It is issued to a family, and card includes all family members details, like head of household, family members names, their relation with head of the family and age. Ration card is issued, depending upon economic status of a family. There are several categories in ration card like APl, BPL, AAY etc, and one can easily apply for it through online mode and avail several benefits.

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