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Israeli-based 75m is a very popular online game that is known for its great quality and amazing features. This game is available on various platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. You can also download the game on the web.


Earnix is a global provider of mission critical offerings for Insurance, Banking, and Payments. The company’s software helps financial services companies predict risk, customize products, and present personalized offers. It has offices in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Earnix provides a cloud-based platform that combines AI with advanced analytics. It uses huge amounts of data to automate processes. Insurers and banks can now model prices and rates based on this data. They can then adjust rates accordingly to their customers.

Earnix aims to bridge the gap between insurance companies and their customers. By presenting personalized offers and rates, banks and insurers can provide a better experience for consumers.

Earnix’s cloud-based platform allows it to combine AI with advanced analytics to provide customized product and pricing solutions. This is important as insurers and banking companies have to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and consumer demand.


In a nutshell, PlainID is a company that provides a full spectrum of policy-based access control solutions to organizations worldwide. These offerings include a central policy management layer as well as a suite of pre-built third party Authorizers to facilitate fine-grained access control. The company has also been making waves in the identity and access management space, thanks to a strategic partnership with SAP SE. This has enabled the company to rapidly expand from a handful of enterprise customers to more than a dozen in as little as six months.

However, the real secret to PlainID’s success is in its approach to enabling enterprises to govern the digital landscape. Its flagship solution is a policy management layer that allows the company to manage and enforce an organization’s IAM policies in a matter of minutes, while ensuring user privacy and security. Moreover, the firm provides a set of pre-built third party Authorizers that ensure users can only access content that they are authorized to.


Wix is an Israeli firm that offers cloud-based website building tools. It has grown steadily since its launch in 2006. The company reported 6 million paying customers and 185,000 new premium subscribers in the second quarter.

Wix is an online web-building tool that lets you create HTML5 websites. With the tool, you can add online stores, create custom domains, and even create mobile sites.

Wix is an Israeli company headquartered in Tel Aviv. It has a global presence in 180 countries and over 50 million users. As of June, Wix had more than 4,000 employees in more than 100 locations.

The company’s revenue has increased 2.1 times between 2018 and 2021. But Wix’s expenses have soared more than 100 percent. That’s thanks to aggressive hiring and an elevated cost structure.


WhiteSource is an Israeli cybersecurity software producer. Its platform helps companies maintain and protect applications by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities early in the development process. The company’s technology has been a big hit in the enterprise market. Since its launch in 2011, it has grown to more than 700 customers worldwide. Now the firm wants to broaden its scope and add more product offerings.

The company has received significant funding from both new and existing investors. Pitango Growth led the $75 million Series D round, and its other investors included Susquehanna Growth Equity, 83North, and Microsoft’s M12 unit. With this funding, WhiteSource plans to continue expanding its product line and acquire potential targets.

The company’s technology identifies vulnerabilities in proprietary code. According to the firm, more than half of all enterprise application portfolios are becoming more vulnerable to attack. Over the past year, companies have been struggling to decide how much security to sacrifice for speed.


BreezoMeter is an Israeli company that provides location-based, hyperlocal air quality information. The company also offers an API product for businesses to leverage its data. These APIs can be used in cars, smart homes, and fitness devices. For instance, BreezoMeter has partnered with Apple to include its data in the iOS Weather app. This is a small step toward the ultimate goal of providing hyperlocal, accurate data to its users.

Another interesting feature of the BreezoMeter is its ability to detect the spread of wildfire pollution. When fires occur in a region, the company’s technology will alert users in real time. Additionally, it will show a visual representation of how the pollution has spread. It will also indicate areas with red polygonal boundaries indicating that a fire is nearby.