Give Your Cat Some Massage!

Sometimes you need a little bit of calm time with your cat. And, you might not know how you can achieve that. You can try out massages to help you and your cat relax. If you can massage your cat, it will also help your cat bond. But, if you want to massage your cat, you need to know the right way of doing it because cats are not always the friendliest.

There are lots of things you need to keep in mind, but below mentioned are a few of the most important ones:

  • When you decide to massage your cat, the timing and mood should be correct. As a cat parent, you should be relaxed and calm before you massage your cat. Learn some breathing techniques like deep breaths and do them rhythmically. It will help you calm yourself and your cat. You can take deep breaths while lightly stroking your cat, and once both of you are relaxed, you can move on to specific massage strokes. If your cat has just eaten, it is best to wait for 2 hours before massaging your cat.
  • If you plan to incorporate massage into a cat’s life, ‌start slow and keep the massage slow. Stroke from head to tail and keep the touch consistent. It is very much possible that this is how you pet your cat every day, which is excellent in the initial stages of massaging. Once your cat is habitually accustomed to massage, your cat will come to you for relaxation, and ‌you can try new massage techniques. You can learn some from your veterinarian.
  • Sing or talk to your cat in a soothing tone like you usually do. You can even play soft, relaxing music, but avoid high-pitched and fast tones because it can stress your cat. Many cat doctors and researchers agree that soothing‌ voices and sound calm cats.
  • When humans get massages, it can go on for an hour, but while you are massaging your cat, you need to massage every part of their body for just a few minutes. Massage your cat using the whole hand and use medium pressure. Move the hand from any part of your cat’s body towards their heart.
  • Once the massage session is over, it is essential to end the massage with calming strokes. Give your cat gentle rubbing inside and outside the ears, and they will enjoy it.

So these are some of the essential things a cat parent should keep in mind while massaging their furball. Giving massages to your cat is highly recommended as it is rewarding for the cat parent, and it benefits the cat to a great extent. Another thing that satisfies cats and cat parents alike is having good pet health insurance. Pet health insurance is a must in today’s time because vet expenses for testing and treating illness and injury can be very costly. Having cheap pet insurance ensures the proper monetary planning and covers costs in an array of unfortunate situations. You might think that taking adequate care of your cat will not lead to medical mishaps. But these things never come with notice, and it is always better to prepare than to repent later on. So if you are a cat parent without insurance coverage, make sure you get a policy soon.

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