Functions of Light Dimmers

It is no surprise how important the role light plays in our daily lives- right from providing brightness to creating the right mood and settings in every corner of the house. The intensity of lighting in the home dramatically impacts both the emotional and physical well-being of people in the house.

For example, you might require a good amount of lighting in the living area, kitchen, and study room, whereas a dimmer light is required for bedrooms. Here’s where your light dimmer switches play a crucial role.

What Does A Light Dimmer Do?

A dimmer switch is an electronic device that can simply raise or lower the brightness level of electric light bulbs. In addition, these switches can adjust the voltage capacity of any lighting system.

Dimmer switches can be commonly seen in homes and offices. Homeowners often install these to cut costs on the electricity bill, save electricity, and control lighting.

These switches are available in different sizes and shapes to choose the best one per your needs.

Below are a few of the functions of the light dimmer switches that will astonish you and make you buy them right away for your house-

5 Functions of Light Dimmers

  • Energy efficient

As light dimmers are installed to control the voltage power of the electric bulbs in the house, it is known to save energy on your power bills. By dimming a single electric bulb, you can save around 98 per cent of your electrical energy supply. So when you start dimming all the necessary light bulbs in the house, you will witness a tremendous amount of energy savings on your electricity bill. Approximately 18-20 per cent of the savings in the lighting costs can be seen depending on how often you dim the lights and how many rooms you do that.

Thus, light dimmers are more energy-efficient than a standard electrical switch. In addition, with the advancement of technology, light dimmer switches are now available in innovative styles and designs.

  • Increases lighting system’s longevity

One of the most significant advantages of light dimmer switches is that they can reduce the time duration of the highest energy point of various electrical light sources, hence increasing their longevity.

Light dimmer switches are extremely useful in increasing the longevity of electric bulbs and LED lights. They can last up to 3 to 4 years if you incorporate dimmer switches instead of regular electrical switches. Also, dimmer switches play an immense role in elongating the flexibility of electric flow in electrical light sources such as lamps and chandeliers.

  • Effectively sets mood lighting

Usually, in the house, you will need different amounts of lighting in different parts of the house according to the needs. For example, you will usually require adequate light in the kitchen to cook, study, and work, whereas dim lights in the bedroom or while watching TV or parties.

By implementing the light dimmer switches, you can easily adjust the lights and ambience of your home. Instead of wasting money on installing various electrical lamps and bulbs, you can install these simple yet powerful light dimmer switches to improve the functionality of your house whilst effortlessly and effectively setting the mood lighting in the house.

  • Easy to Install

Light dimmer switches add a great value to your home. These switches are tiny and can easily fit into a regulation box that is designed for standard electrical switches.

Light dimmer switches come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose an appropriate dimmer switch according to the type of light source you need and its functionality.

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