FAQs regarding Financial Support after Divorce

Have you been married for a long time? Have you dedicated your life to the well-being of the family? And in turn, ending up unemployed and living on your spouse’s financial support? Then, the doubts you have regarding financial support after the divorce must be clarified. Massachusetts divorce lawyer has aimed to clarify all your doubts and answer some of the frequently asked questions.

If my spouse is abusive, how can I receive protection during a divorce?

Talking about protection? An attorney will help you get a restraining order. This order will ensure that you are protected from any kind of spouse. The rules of the restraining order are different from one state to another state. Different state domestic abuse programs will help you be of a huge advantage in domestic violence cases.

If you are unemployed and have no source of cash flowing, ask people around you to help you find a job. Also, the domestic violence shelters will help you immensely in such a scenario. 

How much child support will you have to pay?

If you are unemployed, you will not have to pay any child support. But in these cases, you might also end up losing child custody. Cases may urdughr differ if the child wants to stay with you and you are mentally and physically sound to take care of the child. 

What will I do if my ex-spouse is not paying child support?

If you are not receiving child support, you can inform your family law attorney regarding the issues. The court will ensure that the reason behind not paying child support is looked deeply into. If the reason is valid the court will just warn the spouse and leave, otherwise, there are penalties to be made if the court order is breached.

You might get tempted to stop the visitation of your ex-spouse if they are not paying for the child support, but doing so is also a breach of the court order and you can face consequences. 

Ending Note

Ensure that you do not make yourself vulnerable after the divorce. Try to get a job no matter how supportive your spouse is, times may change and you might end up broke and divorced. Find people around you who can help you get back on your feet to support yourself financially. Building a circle of productive people will help you during and after the divorce. 

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