Factors to Consider When Buying a Bone Saw Machine

In today’s day and age, machines have made work simpler, and more efficient, and most importantly it applies across various areas in our daily lives. Among such include, a bone saw machine, a typical machine but it does more than we give credit.

What is a bone Saw Machine?

Meat has been a product that has been consumed by man since the stone age. Over the years, its processing has been refined and processed constantly. A bone saw machine is a typical machine that is a common sight when visiting your local butchery or even witnessed in a meat factory. Its function is to cut meat and bones into smaller pieces. In the meat business, this machine is a must-have since it drastically reduces the amount of labor that occurs when cutting through meat and bone.

This device is readily available within the market and can be purchased at reasonable prices, but before that here are a few factors you must keep in mind purchasing one for your business.

Mode of Application (Manual or Electric)

In butcher shops, a butcher often uses hand tools to cut through meat and bone which is rather tiresome. Due to this fact, the bone saw the machine was invented, and it mainly comes in two categories; manually powered or electric powered.

In manual bone saw machines, the butcher is required to work the machine. The amount of energy required is significantly lower and is much easier than using a hand tool. It is simple to use and can be easily assembled.

An electric saw is considered a piece of ideal equipment since it does not require any input from the butcher, saving time and energy. They make work easier and can cut rapidly, correctly, and don’t require any form of training to run the machine.

Size of the Machine.

Like any other device or machine, its dimensions are an important factor one has to consider. The same is applied to a bone saw machine, it varies in size in addition to its functionality. One has to consider the size of their shop and whether or not it can accommodate it.

Its size directly affects a bone saw machine  price in Kenya since the larger the size, the more attributes the bone saw has. A larger machine tends to cut sizeable portions of meat which is more costly than a standard medium-size machine. Therefore unless your shop can accommodate a large bone saw machine, it is best to gauge the size of the equipment based on the size of the shop.

Power Consumption

Before buying any electrically powered device, one must first account for the amount of power it consumes. The larger a bone saw machine, the more efficient it is with additional features but the more power it consumes. Given the rise of the economic state, one must account for the finances incurred within a business and balance them out.

The machine has various designs based on usability and user-friendliness. Some consume power based on the amount of work it is required. A meat factory has bone saw machines with powerful engines that ensure smooth work. Although within a butcher shop, its saw generally has a less powerful engine, thus consuming less electrical power.


A bone saw machine is a must-have butchery equipment in any industry that deals with meat processing. So if you are in the interest of starting up a butcher shop, a saw machine would come in handy, and the above facts will help you in acquiring